Teatime Tuesday

Good Mornin’ Well its Tuesday and I’m on day 3 of my off time which I’m spending in Illinois visiting my Dad and my teaching my niece photography 101 so she can use my D50 on a couple of trips she is taking this summer. So far she is catching on to the the basics very nicely and she has started her own photography blog (AliyaKaye’s Blog) Look for it on my blogroll. So far its been great conversations with my dad over tea and treats and alot of walking through the Busey woods and Meadowbrook Park looking for interesting shots, today will be the Illini gardens which should be a bee and butterfly bonanza. The heat has been miserable so the days have been short and then I run back to the hotel room and soak up the A/C.
Now onto the reason for this post, my dad brought me a new tea that I had first heard about from my bud Lisa at Laughing Orca Rsmch. Its called Lapsong Souchong and when brewed smells and tastes like a smokey campfire due to the fact that the leaves are dried/smoked over bamboo. Its an interesting taste, I tried it straight up and almost gaged, then with some sugar, a bit better, then with milk and sugar, and its not too bad, still very smokey but palatable. Its not a 3 times a day tea but I could get into it once in awhile. I did get to go the the tea store in Champaign yesterday an picked up a couple new teas to try and an old favorite that I’m enjoying as I write/type this its an Irish Breakfast blend from Harrisons&Crosfield..Very good tea! Well I’m off to breakfast with my dad then off to chase butterflies and watch my niece emerse herself in photography, she really has a talent for it..:-) Later…..Ed

5 responses to “Teatime Tuesday

  1. Yeah, my first sip of that tea wasn’t so great either. I didn’t gag, though. lol! It sort of grows on you, though. And with milk and sugar it’s kind of a comforting taste. Reminds me of camping…and I love that. 🙂 Sure wish the National Forests would get enough rain so that they will open back up and we can go on a camping trip again.

    Happy to hear about your niece picking up the photography bug. I know you were hoping that was something the two of you could share. With a lot of encouragement and support, I bet she’ll get addicted to it just like you 🙂

    And…that IS a GOOD thing, too 🙂


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