Teatime Tuesday: A Bit of This and That..

Well 20 days till x-mas and I already have my presents to myself, I did a B&H christmas this year and treated myself to a kick butt point and shoot camera.. A Canon G12 and this puppy has all the bells and whistles and I’m really happy with it. I also got some cool accessories I needed like a new DSLR camera bag (Tamrac Velicity 10x), a Storm Jacket camera cover, and a Rogue honeycomb flash diffuser for the speedlight. Enough about my new toys and on to this weeks tea…Its an ice tea from Arizona Tea a nice Green Tea with Ginsing and Honey and it was very tasty and quenched the proverbial thirst. Granted I don’t usually drink Ice Tea but this was an experiment that worked out well, better than that Peace Tea..YEEECHHH!
I’m home for a few days for a short visit with the folks and getting ready to get wet today with a cold front moving towards Tennessee. Alas no snow with this one but hopefully I’ll get to see some soon (I know I’m crazy). Well I gotta run its time to catch up on Once upon a time, its a really fun new show..:-)

Teatime Tuesday

Grab your bellbottoms and a headband and put a flower in your hair, its time to ride the “PeaceTea” train. First off let me tell ya this is pure crap and I’m being nice. How can Wal-Mart sell this swill, I really can’t even describe the taste. I took one sip and out the window it went, even though it claims to only have 12 grams of sugar thats all you can taste. Why did I even bother with this tea? Well, the can looked interesting the peace symbol and peace sign looked promising and there were people on the can protesting, so maybe this was supposed to be tea that brings change? There is one person on the can in a wheelchair who is missing his legs, anyone know who this is??? I know and I bet he does not know his likeness is used on the can even though he was a prolific figure in the anti-war movement in the 60’s and 70’s.

Know who this is???

Sunday Stills: In the Dark

My favorite subject! The first 4 are new pics I took this week and the second 4 are some of my faves from the archives..:-)

Houston Texas

Indianapolis Indiana

This was at an offramp in Louisiana in the fog.

And this was my first attempt at spotlighting a pic in total darkness of bald river falls, my spotlight ran out of power 30 seconds into the shot and it was not powerfull to reach the falls.

Teatime Tuesday

Into the realm of green tea we go with a Justin Lloyd blend called Smooth Genmaica jade Green tea. My first impression was that it was a weak tea but then it is a light green tea so I can’t say its all that bad. I did’nt add anything to the tea to get a pure taste and to be honest it was a bit bland but then not drinking alot of green tea I had no idea what to look for in the flavor, but all in all I think I’ll stick to black teas..:-)

Just a note on this company. Justin Lloyd was supposedly a woman working for this tea purveyors in the 1700’s exploring the world in the pursuit of the finest teas. I can’t find anything to support this story and I think they made the whole thing up to sell teas, but then I could be wrong..;-)