Pure Relief

Mom came out of her surgery with flying colours yesterday afternoon. After a Maise procedure and the replacement of one valve which is a pig valve ( I’ll have to take her out to look for truffles) she is doing great and is off the breathing tube and got to visit for a short time with Chuck last night. I got back to my truck after the surgery and I was assured everything was going well. Now the next phase of rehab starts and soon she will hopefully be back to her old self.
Thanks for all the well wishes, I’ve save them and will read them to her when I can get to call her in her room and she is lucid.
On my side of the drama curve, today is wipe windows 8 from my laptop and re-install windows 7 and hopefully that will fix my laptop problems, also the guy at the computer rehab store has a device that can turn the hard drive from my broken Toshiba into an external hard drive and I should be able to recover most of the stuff from the Toshiba including my vast I-Tunes library…:-)
I hope to get back to posting pics soon, I have a buttload of new ones, the spring flowers and tree blooms are really popping down south..:-)

A Bit of Fun…Maybe

What do you get when you combine the shows “Lost”, “Jurrasic Park” and “Stargate”? The new or not so new show “Terra Nova” on Fox. I just watched the pilot episode and it was fun but a bit annoying with a predictable plotline. New colonists travel back 85 million years in to the past from a dying world ” Earth in the 22nd century” to populate a clean earth with dinosaurs and lots of jungle. Security forces lead by the same commander who was the bad marine in “Avatar” are covering up some corporate conspiracy and the true reason for the new colony, and of course there is the main family who has to make do in this strange land and survive with 3 kids, and there are the mysterious 6ers who are the rebel colonists, o.k the more I write this it also sounds like a ripoff of “Lost in Space” too. Its really not that bad when you think about all the other unreality shows and competition shows that grace our t.v.’s nightly, luckily I don’t watch t.v and only get to catch shows on Hulu on the laptop. All in all I’ll watch the next few episodes before making a descision on this show, after all ZFox is the channel that brings us “FamilyGuy” and “The Simpsons” right?

Teatime Tuesday

Good Mornin’ Well its Tuesday and I’m on day 3 of my off time which I’m spending in Illinois visiting my Dad and my teaching my niece photography 101 so she can use my D50 on a couple of trips she is taking this summer. So far she is catching on to the the basics very nicely and she has started her own photography blog (AliyaKaye’s Blog) Look for it on my blogroll. So far its been great conversations with my dad over tea and treats and alot of walking through the Busey woods and Meadowbrook Park looking for interesting shots, today will be the Illini gardens which should be a bee and butterfly bonanza. The heat has been miserable so the days have been short and then I run back to the hotel room and soak up the A/C.
Now onto the reason for this post, my dad brought me a new tea that I had first heard about from my bud Lisa at Laughing Orca Rsmch. Its called Lapsong Souchong and when brewed smells and tastes like a smokey campfire due to the fact that the leaves are dried/smoked over bamboo. Its an interesting taste, I tried it straight up and almost gaged, then with some sugar, a bit better, then with milk and sugar, and its not too bad, still very smokey but palatable. Its not a 3 times a day tea but I could get into it once in awhile. I did get to go the the tea store in Champaign yesterday an picked up a couple new teas to try and an old favorite that I’m enjoying as I write/type this its an Irish Breakfast blend from Harrisons&Crosfield..Very good tea! Well I’m off to breakfast with my dad then off to chase butterflies and watch my niece emerse herself in photography, she really has a talent for it..:-) Later…..Ed

Guess what I did Yesterday?

O.k. I’m in love with horseback riding, even if it was just trail riding on broke trail horses who are used to fat tourists and obnoxious kids riding them. I was’nt going to do this but I was going to visit the Tuckaleechee Caverns and saw the riding stables and saw an opprotunity to get some horse pics and pasture shots, well after talking to the guides who were busy getting ready for the day and meeting Pepper who took an interest in me and my camera I decided to go out for a 30 minute ride and it just felt natural and I can’t wait till I get back there again..:-)))

Just a note, I opted to not wear a helmet but I was offered one and next time I go I’m taking the 1.5 hour ride and wearing long pants..:-)))

Pain or Pleasure?

Well this is what my life has become, sticking myself twice a day to check my blood sugar and starting to like it..
I’ve been trying to eat better and have dropped some of my bad habits like candy, energy drinks, white bread and potatoes. But on the good side thanks to my mom I now like spinach, bell peppers and grapefruit. My blood sugar levels are getting pretty good 105-120 in the morning and 140-150 after meals then back down so I’m doing something right. My weight is down and I’ve lost 2 pant sizes and a shirt size so thats pretty cool too. Its hard to say no to my favorite snacks and now enjoy popcorn, pork skins and no sugar added fruit cups..OhBoy! And I’m also taking longer walks with my camera but not so much this week, its been raining where I have been driving for the last 6 days, I hope its better when I get home next Monday for my next checkup and a visit with the folks for more gardening and a trip to town, I can’t wait..:-)

Yep thats my finger and my blood..:-)

One of my favorite places..

Lil’ Porgy’s BBQ!!! Since 1981 this has been my favorite place for sliced pork sandwiches in the U.S. I remember when I was a teenager one of my best friends worked there and I was totally jealous. Even to this day I get homesick for this place where I grew up in Urbana Illinois and can’t wait to eat there and shotgun a cup of mix sauce for old times, meaning, yes I drink a cup of mix sauce straight. In my mind Lil’ Porgy’s isn’t about the meat, its all in the sauce..:-)))

GaGa! for GaGa!, a confession…

I have to admit I’m a fan of Lady GAGA. She reminds me of a young Madonna in the 80’s and a true showwoman who describes herself as a performer and not so much as a singer and from what I have seen in her music videos she has that down pat. Now, I admittedly am a fan of 80’s music and have little use for anything past 1990 but I have found a couple of groups and singers I can stomach that are not a bunch of whiney kids singing about how they can’t get a break or loosing their girlfriends ect… There is just something about cruising the highway at 3 a.m. bouncing to Poker Face or Lovegame or Paparazzi it just gets my blood going. The only other post 90’s group I have truely enjoyed are the Ting-Tings who sound like they came right out of the 80’s. Well I just really had nothing else to post today, I am finally heading home tomorrow, only a week late but better than never..:-)
So, here are a couple of pics of my heroine, Lady GaGa and to see her videos just check them out for free at yahoo music.

Finally Home

Man It’s great to get home, at least what I call home. Back to the misty mountains of east Tennessee, the lack of traffic noise, and moms’ cooking, it just dose not get any getter than that! my little brother got in last night from Texas and we are celebrating my step dads birthday this weekend. I got to admit it I’m pretty lucky to have two dads and one fantastic mom, there are some folks who never had one. Anyway I’m off today to the river with my trusty Nikons and maybe with Jason to do some pics. If I may digress a bit, yesterday I witnessed just how comitted my mom (Dibear) is to Sunday Stills, she was a picture taking fool and ya’ll will be impressed on Sunday, I myself will have all new, no archive pics as well, should be fun. Well time for one of mom’s famous breakfasts, something I’ve been dreaming of for the last 2 months and I leave ya with a couple of pics of moms Cannas, wait, that did’nt sound right.
Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya’ll on Sunday, Later….Ed


In a Fog…

Yesterday morning I stopped in Pulaski Virginia in the famed Shennendoah Valley for my break and found myself in a thick fog, literally. As dawn approached a realized I was backed up to a big field at the rear of the truckstop and decided to take a walk with my camera and see if I could get a foggy sunrise. As I worked my way through the knee high wet grass and bushed I found myself at a barbed wire fence and decided not to cross the line. I set up the camera on my tripod and waited, the fog was still pretty thick and I could barely make out the trees less the sun, I mean it was thick in the field to my front. As I stood there in the silence with the fog swirling around me I thought I heard the thundering of hooves and looked up just in time to see 8-10 deer running past me not 15 feet away, they came out of the fog and dissapeared just as fast with the fog swirling around them as they raced past, I was stunned!!! Then I remembered my camera and kicked myself in the butt. I waited a while to see if the fog would break and it did a bit. Well I did manage a couple of pics of the fence row before heading back to the truck and getting some sleep and dreaming of phantom deer in a fog..

Finally Home

I’ll be at the house for a few days visiting with the folks and spending time on the mountain with my camera. Lots to do the next few days, help dad collect wood for his woodturning, a day in Knoxville, and of courde chasing that perfect sunrise on the mountain, and looking for opprotune shots on the river. I’m looking for some blooming rhodedendrums next to the river, as well as something for the Sunday Challenge. Just to give ya’ll an idea whats going on in my head at this moment, its 0200hrs and I’m sitting in my truck in a Wal-Mart parking lot listening to the Ting-Tings and happily typing away. In a bit I’ll move to Tellico Plains and wait for morning to go to the house. By the way I LOVE the Ting Tings, “shut up and let me go” is a great song as is the rest of the Album. its one of those albums that gets you moving. O.K. , enough of that I gotta get moving, ya’ll have a great day and enjoy the sunrise pic.