Teatime Tuesday: A Boring Tea

Well I made a mistake and had to dring the house tea in a diner I stopped at last week, I did’nt take in my good stuff so I had to drink Pickwick English Breakfast. How do I compare Pickwick to lets say, Harrison and Crossfields or Ahmad teas? Well its like trading down from a Porche to a Ford Festiva. But when you have no chioce, Que Sera Sera..:-)

Now on to the good stuff, yesterday I did some interesting red podded plants that folks seemed to like and my mum commented that she wish I could show the whole plant for possible identification. So, here ya go and a better macro of the flower that is inside the red pods…..

Teatime Tuesday and One Odd Flower

I have a new tea this week from Ahmad tea company out of London and its called English Tea No.1 and let me tell ya I love this simple Black tea. Not only is it a nice dark tea its the darkest and strongest black tea but its quite tasty and you can dress it up with whatever flips your lid, I tried it plain and then with a spot of milk and it was perfect. Since my tea shoppe in Champaign Illinois couls not get me my supply of Harrisons and Crossfiels I went to a different shoppe and they had the Ahmad line of teas so I picked up some different blends to try and will try to get through them in the next few weeks..

Now on to my next passion in the spring….more flowers!
This was an odd flower I found in the gardens of Illinois and it kinds looks like a sea anenome with tentacles and a nice white petal, anyone know what this is???

Teatime Tuesday and Something from 1941

Well I got a few new teas last week during my off time in Illinois as well as a ton of pics and got to spend some time with my dad which is a treat within itself. So for todays Tea we have an interesting and bold tasting tea Numi called puerh Tea or to be more preciese Emperor’s Puerh tea. Of all the Black teas I have tried this tea is the blackest and the most flavourfull of the black teas I have yet to try, it has a distinctive malty taste whick is great with breakfast.

I think I mentioned something from 1941 well it was a strong year for the United States and it was the year we were drawn into World War II, Roosevelt was President, and the Japaneese Bombed Pearl Harbour and started this country to become the industrial giant it is today. But back then we actually made things here in the U.S., sure we still do but we import more things than we actually make here. But I’m getting away my reason for this post, last week during one of our breakfast runs to the Courier Cafe I saw a true classic of American might….The 1941 Cadillac, all lines and chrome and one big, heavy car. One that was made to last…..

I have to admit when I saw this car I was hearing the Andrews Sisters and Tommy Dorsey in my head as well as a host of other 40’s music, this was an American Clasic..:-))

Teatime Tuesday and a Caboose to Boot

Whats better than a decent cup of tea? A cup of tea and some train exploring. Last Friday I was in Greenfield Missouri and there was this set of 3 cabooses just sitting on a side track abandoned and begging to be explored. So after a quick cup of Numi Chinese breakfast tea (typical orange pekoe in a fancy wrapper) I was off to get some pics

I don’t know any history on these cabooses but I believe they were from the 70’s, still pretty cool..

Teatime Tuesday

Actually I’m writing this Monday evening in Charlotte North Carolina in urban sprawl. I had to get a prescription filled and this took me to wally world in the urban jungle. The good news is besides getting my scrips filled I got a couple good meals. Breakfast was at Panera Bread, an excellent ham and cheese quiche and a cup of earl grey tea and for lunch I went to Qdoba mexican grill which is the same as Chipotle, excellent tacos. So all in all is was a good Monday and then back to driving to where I have no idea, thats why I like my job. every day brings something new and sometimes exciting.
Now, on to why this is called Teatime Tuesday last week I did a nice green tea with toasted rice which was pretty good, now the total opposite…. Tzao Green Tips… YECCCCHHHH!!! I think the tips are asparagus at least thats what I tasted and I DON’T LIKE ASPARAGUS! Never have, never will so this weeks tea get a rating of ZERO from me, other folks may disagree and like the taste but this is my blog and my opinion..:-)

To cleanse the visial palate we also have some Dogwood Blooms and a wildflower I found on the side of the road..

Teatime Tuesday.. And a New Boonie Hat

Well in keeping with my trying green teas this week I tried a tea from Numi called Gen Mai Cha Toasted Rice Green, and boy do you taste the rice in this tea. I found it at first to be quite bland except the rice taste but after adding a slpash of milk and a pinch of sugar I found it to be quite pleasant, but I’m still a fan of dark black teas but who knows maybe the next green tea I try I might like….NOT! Next week, a green tea that tastes like asperagus..BLECH!

And on a positive note I’m sporting my new CADPAT (Canadian Pattern) Boonie Hat with proper Canadian flag pin..YIPPEE! I think I’m a closet Canadian, after all I was concieved in Canada under the Union Jack..:-)

Teatime Tuesday

I got home yesterday, finally and am enjoying some time off. So for todays TT I decided to explore outside the realm of black teas and go for the green. I found a truckstop that carries the Numi brand of tea and decided to try the Gunpowder Green tea and wow! All I can say is one bag will do ya, I used two bags and it was so strong I could not drink it it was almost acidic in taste. I’m thinking one bag would have been fine and then it would be pretty good but alas I got it to go and had taken off before realizing my mistake.
All in all I will try it again, maybe with milk next time..:-)

I’m still playing catchup on my over the road pics from last week in Texas, today we have some macros from Lolita Texas near Victoria Texas, in the middle of nowhere. I had delivered a load there and was getting ready to leave when I noticed the Climbing Rose bushed were in bloom..”in March!” Pretty cool, I also found some real small purple flowers in the grass. Tomorrow….the meanest thistle I have encountered so far..:-)

Teatime Tuesday

Ever want a nice cup of tea at bedtime but without the caffiene? Try some decaffinated Ceylon from Harney and Sons, its a really nice bedtime tea without the kick. I picked up a box to try and to be honest its not bad at all. I’ve been thinking about doing a green tea series just to have new things to write about but I’m not a green tea fan, what do ya’ll think? I just may have to for blogging sake.:-)

In other news, what do you do with pizza that you can’t eat? Use it to bring in the seagulls, they will eat anything…..

Teatime Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Well with the exception of some more water shots from my trip home todays tea is pretty much a letdown. I have to say I’m not a fan of Twinnings Ceylon Orange Pekoe, its pretty bland. I have better Orange Pekoe from commercial restaraunts, and plain Black Ceylon Tea is really good, I think Twinnings is just trying to expand their line of products, next thing you know they will have Darjeeling Blackcurrent. Did you know Ceylon is now Sri Lanka? They got their independence in 1972 so why is the tea not called Sri Lanka blend? Its a moot point, it must sell otherwise why blend it.

I’m still working on a review of the Lightcraft Filter I’m now using for my water shots I need to get some pics of the filter but I’ve been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. So here are a couple more shots using this really cool filter..:-)

Teatime Tuesday with a touch of Blue and Red

Well this week is well under way and after a long weekend in Columbus and no trip to the zoo it was kinda boring with lots of sleep and catching up on my shows on HULU, including a new show on FOX called Alcatraz which is proving to be a pretty cool show after two episodes. I got in here Saturday morning after a long nights drive in an ice storm in which after it was all done made my truck look like a glazed donut, I had about a half inch of ice covering my truck. But its all gone now yesterday it got up to 50 degrees and lots of wind, so more sleep.
Well on to todays tea, I found a Twinnings brand called “Prince of Wales” its a simple Black tea from China and has a simple taste that worked well with milk, not to heavy and not to light, its pretty decent and works well as a morning or afternoon tea. I enjoyed it with one of my favorite breakfasts from the Waffle House, cheese eggs,rasin toast and grits..mmmmmmmm.

To keep up with my bird week today we have Blue Jays and Cardinals both Male and Females. While the females are more subdued in color the males are big on color as you can see..
A female bluejay with some nest building supplies..

And a male in all his bright blue color.

Here we have a big ‘ol male Cardinal, we will call him Big Red..

And last we have one of my favorite pics, a poor water logged female who is having a bad hair day..:-)