Macro Monday: Silver Coins

Posted in Macro Monday, Macro Photography, Nikon D7000, Photography, Sigma 105mm Macro Lens with tags , , , on April 21, 2014 by Ed

Every year for my Birthday my dad sends me a new silver coin or two, or three. I’ve been a coin collector of sorts since I can remember. Most of my collection are ancient roman or greek coins but I do have a nice collection of 300-400 year old english coins and of course my silver dollar collection. Mostly Morgan dollars I also have a complete set of Walking Liberty dollars from 1984 to present. So for todays pics I did some macros of the front and back of my latest Walking Liberty dollar and a new find…. the Angel Coin, one ounce silver made on the Isle of Mann off the coast of England, its pretty cool and the detail is excellent.
First the Walking Liberty front and back.


And next we have the 2014 Angel Coin, with Queen Elizabeth on the front and St. Michael slaying the dragon on the back.



Sunday Stills: International Cusine

Posted in Canon G12, Food, Nikon D7000, Photography, Sigma 18-200mm, Sunday Challenge, Sunday Stills with tags , , , , , on April 20, 2014 by Ed

Well I’m doing the best for this challenge. We have some tomato bisq with smoked gouda cheese. some tasty Croatian pasteries, my mom’s famous stuffed bell pepper on a bed of wild rice and stuffed with a nice beef mix and topped with a slice of tomato and chedder cheese. and for good measure 2 night shots of Qudoba’s mexican grill and Fazzoli’s Italian fast food….
The Bisque and pasteries are from Pekaras Bakery in Champaign Illinois.


Wild Irises on the Tellico River

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I took these 3 years ago on this day on the Tellico River in Tennessee, while I’m not there this year I hope to get to see them at the end of the month when I get home again and get to spend a day in my favorite place..:-)



Flower Friday and My B-Day

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Well we are almost there, I turn 49 this year and that means only one more till the big 50… where did the time go? Oh well, I’m not going to let it slow me down…much. ;-)
My mom once said that me crawling around doing flower macros reminded her of Ferdinand the Bull, well the first pic is for her, I found it on the web….
And for me…. well I was crawling around with my macro lens and found these beauties..




Black and White Thursday

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Since I missed B&W Tuesday I’m doing it today, I took these over the past week in various locations, enjoy..:-)



Almost Wordless Wednesday

Posted in Macro Photography, Nikon D80, Photography, Sigma 105mm Macro Lens, Wordless Wednesday with tags , , , , , on April 16, 2014 by Ed

No eclipse pics for me, I was in Pennsylvania and it rained all night and today as I’m pre posting this its snowing, oh well, we can try again on October 8th..:-)


Lunar Tuesday

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If I got any good eclipse pics last evening I’ll post them tomorrow, but here are a few I took back in 2008 during a lunar eclipse I got to see in Atlanta Georgia. The skies were full of city grime and there were whispy clouds but I managed a few decent pics. This year I will be somewhere in Pennsylvania and hopefully the skies will be nice and clear, but there will be a small problem this time, when I has home 2 weeks ago I left my long lens so I will have to make do with a 300mm lens, I did some test pics Monday night and while the detail is not great it should suffice.



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