Something Special

This morning around 0300hrs I was passing through Coldwater Michigan and saw a sight I just could not pass up on. Unfortunatly there was no place to pull over and take some pics so I went on to my delivery and dropped the trailer and hustled back to the bridge and got some pretty cool pics.
The river is the coldwater river and the orange glow is from a big greenhouse complex south of town.
I took the pics freehanded at night, the ISO was 6400 with a white balance set to cloudy.
I could’nt decide on vertical or horizontal so I’m using both.



Ready for Some Zoo Pics?

I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday at the Columbus zoo and had a blast as usual. Now its back to the bump and grind of work till October.
I’m just going to throw up pics from top to bottom of my 2 files from the trip and I’ll try to keep it interesting. 🙂
First up are the Mexican Wolves.