Honest Abe

Granted he looked the part and but he was a bit short for the part. I really does not matter, the crowd loved him! And Mary Todd look fab too. 🙂



And now for a bit of fun, how many historical mistakes are in this and what are they besides the obvious that it was taken in 2016 in downtown Knoxville. 😉


2 responses to “Honest Abe

  1. Man’s watch; Electrical utility box; Two electrical meters; Air conditioner, Modern door handle, Possible smartphont in man’s left hand; Metal roof, and Manhole cover! Yes I have too much time on hy hands today! M 🙂

  2. Well besides the obvious, Thats one short Lincoln, and the rebs/ battle flag, and the French Indian war soldier next to the revoloutionary war soldier who is portraying John Paul Jones. 🙂

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