Sunday Stills: Pets

This is our annual pet challenge for Sunday Stills, my other blog and photo challenge site which I started 6 years ago.
Since I don’t have a full time pet I do have my special gal Maggie Mae. We first met back in 2008 when she was just a pup and a rambunctious one she was. For the longest time she stayed outside and running as the alpha female of the holler but now days as she approached middle age she prefers to stay inside and goes outside to basks in the sunshine, she has it pretty good. Did I mention she is always the first one to welcome me home? I barely get the truck stopped and she is waiting outside the door, tail wagging and her cute little whinning, I barely get out of the truck and she is all over me getting an ear rub and a good scratch and of course I get tons of doggie kisses but sometimes she gets into something awful, like cowpies or some leftover venison in the raw and the kisses are not welcome… 😉

My pup Maggie age 1 2008


And a bit older 2010 and 2011


Mags3 4-9-09

And now, she enjoys just lying in the sun…



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