How I Spent Last Saturday Night…..

By the time I got to the West Virginia welcome center on I-68 I could not even see the road. I had to look out the passenger side window to see anything and I used the rumble strips on the right lane to keep from going off the road. A few dumb asses passed me up only to find they could not see anything and jammed on their brakes… not the best idea, I went around them and they, like lemmings fell in behind me. Luckily the welcome center was only a 1/4 mile ahead and I couldn’t see the truck entrance so I just parked in the car area out of the way, it was an interesting evening to say the least, heavy snow and 20 mph sustained winds with gusts to 40mph kept the truck a rockin’ all night. I would say it ends there but I moved to Morgantown WV Sunday morning and parked at a Wal-Mart where it proceded to snow all day. It finally stopped snowing and in the evening proceded to Ohio where on Sunday evening into Monday morning the snow and high winds kicked up again and I stopped in Marion Ohio to wait this one out too. My company has had a lot of wrecks over the past month and I’m determined not to be one of them. I now have over 1.8 million safe driving miles and my goal is 2 million.. knock on wood.. Anyway I finally made it to Ft. Wayne Monday evening safe and sound, just in tome for the -15 degree weather… Is’nt life grand..:-)