Tuesday Morning in Beloit

Going back a couple of days for this post. Last Tuesday morning I delivered a load to Beloit Wisconsin and just made it to a Wal-Mart before the snow hit to a tune of 6-7 inches. This morning I’m in Litchfield Illinois and the sun is out but its a bit chilly (4 degrees F) but I’ll take the cold over hazardous driving any day of the week. Kentucky took a pounding last night and today, glad I’m not there.. 😉






And into today too. Looks like mother nature has more winter weather before spring. Yesterday into today/tonight I’m in Watkin’s Glen NY riding out yet another storm. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a bit further south and east today and back above the freezing temps but I’m heading to Connecticut and the bad weather hits there today….Oh Well


Round Two, more snow for Alabama

Yesterday I posted a pic from Tuesday while heading south towards Birmingham Alabama, the roads were a total mess. Well last night (Wednesday) was not any better as round two of a double wammy in the south kicked off with some nice big fat snow flakes and a lot of them. I did manage to make my delivery just as the snow hit and I’m not going anywhere for awhile, better to be safe than sorry..



How I Spent Last Saturday Night…..

By the time I got to the West Virginia welcome center on I-68 I could not even see the road. I had to look out the passenger side window to see anything and I used the rumble strips on the right lane to keep from going off the road. A few dumb asses passed me up only to find they could not see anything and jammed on their brakes… not the best idea, I went around them and they, like lemmings fell in behind me. Luckily the welcome center was only a 1/4 mile ahead and I couldn’t see the truck entrance so I just parked in the car area out of the way, it was an interesting evening to say the least, heavy snow and 20 mph sustained winds with gusts to 40mph kept the truck a rockin’ all night. I would say it ends there but I moved to Morgantown WV Sunday morning and parked at a Wal-Mart where it proceded to snow all day. It finally stopped snowing and in the evening proceded to Ohio where on Sunday evening into Monday morning the snow and high winds kicked up again and I stopped in Marion Ohio to wait this one out too. My company has had a lot of wrecks over the past month and I’m determined not to be one of them. I now have over 1.8 million safe driving miles and my goal is 2 million.. knock on wood.. Anyway I finally made it to Ft. Wayne Monday evening safe and sound, just in tome for the -15 degree weather… Is’nt life grand..:-)

Springtime in Illinois

We interupt the normal Macro Monday post for this travesty of springtime…. Sunday afternoon while visiting my dad in Illinois we had 8+ inches of snow!!! It started getting bad around 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon and at this time around 1 a.m. its like a winter wonderland on March 25th. The wind is blowing hard out of the north and the drifting snow is kind of cool in and inconvienient way. Truth be told, since I don’t have to drive….I LOVE IT!!!

DSC_01073 P.m.// the only things enjoying the snow were the Canadians…

DSC_8262Around 3 p.m. it had been snowing for about an hour. Then it just got worse..

DSC_8280Same scene about an hour later, I was not going anywhere. Time to take a nap..

DSC_8287.JPGaaaLast shot before nap time..

DSC_8291I woke up around 10p.m. to the sounds of plows working the parking lot and decided to get up and move so I did’nt get buried.

DSC_8295So as my truck warmed up, I was humming christmas songs…let it snow,let it snow, let it snow..;-)

DSC_8299I moved across the street where the plows had already cleared a lot and the parking was musch better, plus there was a Steak and Shake and I needed some dinner…

Hopefully this is the last big hurrah for winter….since we are already almost a week into spring…..

Springtime in Virginia,,,NOT!

So while ya’ll were enjoying my water pics from Tennessee  from last Wednesday this Wednesday I was riding out the latest winter storm on an onramp in Virginia. Tuesday night the snow started when I  began my evenings driving  around 10 p.m. and it was lightly snowing and by the time I had drivin’ 90 miles the weather turned for the worse and the snow started to really pile it on. I made my pickup in Winchester Virginia and had reservations about getting on the highway but I figured I was heading south and the weather should clear up…boy was I wrong! I made it about 80 miles at 30mph and decided to get off the road and could not find a place to park, all the truckstops and rest areas were full so I found a lonely on ramp and tucked in for a long wait as the snow just kept piling on. I was safe and sound and had a couple of state troopers check on me and said I was smart for getting off the highway while other drivers took great risks and kept on driving, Wednesday afternoon I got back on the road and saw at least 6 jackknifed trucks (one was a fatality) and too many cars to count in the ditches. I always think safety when I’m on the road and if I don’t have to drive…I don’t. So anyway here are some pics from yesterday, around 11:00 a.m. I trekked back up the onramp to a small petrol station for a bathroom break and get a cup of tea, the walk did me good. The last pic is my truck on the onramp. Today I’m in South Carolina and the skies are sunny and hopefully spring is on the way..:-)

DSC_7839Out the front window around 7 a.m.

DSC_7829One of a few idiots still on the highway.

DSC_7846Across the highway a bit later in the morning after the snowplows had a go at clearing and salting the road.

IMG_2090.JPGaaaOf course when I walked to the pertol station I took my pocket camera and took a few pics, people driving by must have thought I was insane..

IMG_2097.JPGaaaThe wind was blowing and it was snowing and the trees were creaking but I really enjoyed the weather….as long as I was’nt driving..

IMG_2099.JPGaaaI’m thinking by the time it was all over there was about 10 inches of snow on the ground, I’m glad I was on the road even though it was pretty deep on the road too..

IMG_2105.JPGaaaAnd there is my portable igloo, inside I was nice and warm and killing time watching movies and drinking tea and trying to keep the engine warm and the windshield clear of snow. Luckily the wind was out of the north and I was facing south. All in all it was pretty fun, now lets get on with spring..:-))

Wednesday after the storm

The storm is over, kinda. I tried to move yesterday and only made it 10 miles before realizing it was a mistake so I stopped in a small town and watched the winds whip the snow all day. Now at 7p.m. the snow has tapered off and the winds have died down and the fridgid cold is coming, that I can deal with, so I’m heading to Lima Ohio then east to Warren Ohio for tomorrow morning. Ya’ll stay warm out there..:-)