Grin and Bear It……

I’m almost home for a few days of much needed off time, its been almost 2 months on the road and I’m starting to go batty. Next Monday I’m planning a trip to Cades Cove national park for a day with hopefully Smokey the Bear(s). If they are not out yet there are still the wild turkeys and loads of deer to photograph not to mention the fantastic scenery. I can’t wait!
These pics are from my last visit a few years back when I finally hit the jackpot for bear pics, I saw at least 5 on that day.




3 Days at the Zoo

Last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I enjoyed the zoo in Columbus Ohio, my home away from home. Sunday was a beautiful day and the Lions were out and snoozing in the sun. The pride consisted of a male, 2 females and 5 cubs which were too cute for words. Over the next week I’m doing pics from this visit.

First are the Lions from Sunday.




The Fastest Land Animal

One of my favorite big cats, the Cheetah.
A few thing I bet most folks don’t know.
1. On their back feet they have an extra thick pad that helps in braking during high speed pursuits and their claws do not retract, this helps for the super burst of speed that gets them from 0-60 in about 3-4 seconds.

2. On their face there are 2 black lines, these markings help reduce the glare of the mid day sun, like football players that put the black paint below their eyes. Cheetahs are the only big cat that hunts in the mid day heat and glare.

3. And last but not least and the coolest fact, the Cheetahs tail is flat, yep, you read it right, the flat tail helps as a rudder during high speed turns.

Needless to say this cat is made to catch nimble prey in the bush, Gazelles watch out.. 😉



Sunday Stills: Action

For me a true challenge is to photograph animals or people in motion, keeping the subject in focus while panning and shooting makes for interesting pics. 🙂






Black and White Tuesday

Black bears at Cades Cove National Park in the Smokey Mountains Tennessee. It was a great day for me a couple years back finding all the bears, good think I had my long lens, you don’t want to get too close…

DSC_2547.JPGaaa DSC_2580.JPGaaa DSC_2637.JPGaaa DSC_2728 DSC_2761.JPGaaa