Black and White Tuesday and 1500 posts!

Its a milestone so to speak, 1500 posts and more to come.

For today I thought I’d chill our my friends in the southern hemisphere..:-)

I took these a couple years back while at home in Tennessee. The waterfall is frozen which is a rarity and the water shots are for janice. The barn is across the road from my folks house.

DSC_0067 DSC_8018 DSC_9371 TURKEY CREEK4 3-8-08

Sunday Stills: No Zoom Required

So for this week I return to the archives for some pics from my home state of Tennessee, particularly in the eastern portion of the state in the Cherokee national forest. I get home next week and look forward to spending some time with my folks, sure beats sitting in a parking lot in western Ohio..:-)

DSC_0112 DSC_0134 DSC_0165 DSC_2960 DSC_3122


So Janice said she liked my water shots, well you asked for it and now you get it…. 3 days of water shots..:-))

I took these last Friday, it rained most of the day and really got the creeks and rivers going like crazy, and I got a chance to use my Light Craft Workshop Fader ND filter mkII. Which is a dialable ND filter that goes from 2-8 stops in the same filter, its a great addition to my bag for water shots..




And the last one for today is an overflowing Bald River Falls..


O.k. one more for good measure..


As I mentioned earlier it rained all morning so how do I keep my camera dry??? The Storm Jacket. This is a very cool addition to my camera bag, they come in different sizes for different lenses. I have a short one for my D8O and macro lens and an XL for the long lens and they work great…


DSC_0033 The site for them is

More water shots tomorrow..:-)