So Janice said she liked my water shots, well you asked for it and now you get it…. 3 days of water shots..:-))

I took these last Friday, it rained most of the day and really got the creeks and rivers going like crazy, and I got a chance to use my Light Craft Workshop Fader ND filter mkII. Which is a dialable ND filter that goes from 2-8 stops in the same filter, its a great addition to my bag for water shots..




And the last one for today is an overflowing Bald River Falls..


O.k. one more for good measure..


As I mentioned earlier it rained all morning so how do I keep my camera dry??? The Storm Jacket. This is a very cool addition to my camera bag, they come in different sizes for different lenses. I have a short one for my D8O and macro lens and an XL for the long lens and they work great…


DSC_0033 The site for them is

More water shots tomorrow..:-)


The Tour Continues….

So for today we are heading back across the Tennessee state line on the Cherohalla Skyway to the North River road, my favorite drive. I can always find something interesting to photograph and its just a peaceful quiet drive and eventually you get down to the camp areas and the smell of campfires is fantastic….

And what would a trip on the North River be without a couple water shots…

Hope ya’ll enjoyed the trip…

Sunday Stills: In Honor of Me

Thanks Linda for this fun challenge. This weeks challenge was to get new pics from previous challenges and boy do we have a few to choose from so lets get the ball rolling…..

First we have “macro/extreme closups”, and no this is’nt mine..:-)

And next are “clouds” from the Foothills Parkway in Tennessee.

And how about some “landscape” also from the Foothills parkway..

And one for Janice..”water” from our Cades Cove trip last Monday.

And now for some “birdstalking”, on Friday you saw the butts and now those pretty faces..

I really liked the “looking through” challenge so here is another one from Cades Cove.

And last but not least from yesterday we have 2 challenges in one, the colors “red and yellow”.
This was tons of fun, thanks again Linda..:-))