Black and White Tuesday: How I spent Thanksgiving Morning

The plan was simple, leave my folks house and drive up the Cherohalla Skyway to the Stratton Meadown turnoff and back down the mountain along Turkey Creek to Bald River Falls and home.
Well the best of plans go awry, I made it almost to my turnoff, almost. About a 1/4 mile past the rattlesnake pullout the road got too icy/snow covered to continue without chains or 4 wheel drive. Did I mention it was snowing above 3000 feet? So I had to back up the 1/4 mile to the pullout, luckily it was downhill and there was no other traffic at the time…..



All was not lost, I got turned around and headed back down the Skyway to Indian Boundry Lake and decided some time on the Citico Creek was in order. There were some snow flurries but not too bad once I got below the snowline and it turned out to be a pleasant drive with no one else on the river/creek. I went back on Friday so I’m still processing more pics but these will work for now..