Bug Week

I took all of these last week in Illinois, nothing better than being waist deep in flowers while bees buzz around you gathering pollen and other bugs just try to stay out of the way. But then there is this fella that considers all the bee activity as a call to lunch.
I give you the Assasin Bug, at least I think its one. 🙂



Black and White Tuesday: The Quad

This is the quad at the University of Illinois with the Illini Union in the background. Its a nice quiet place to catch some sun, play frisbee or catch up on some studies. During the 60’s it was the site of some big anti war protests.


Macro Monday: Peek-A-Bee

Like a kid in a candy store I spent a couple of hours yesterday at the Illini Arboretum at the University of Illinois and was chasing bees and butterflies. Today I’m heading back for more pics, its going to be a fun couple of days off doing what I like best. 🙂

Here is one shy bee.



Memorial Stadium

These are the rest of the pics I got last Sunday at the University of Illinos of the saddest place in the Big 10. Usually the stadium is closed but I saw the gates open and I thought I would give it a try and luckily a grounds keeper said it was o.k. to snap a few pics. I called it the saddest place in the Big 10 because the U of I football team SUCKS! They used to be a powerhouse but these past few years my old High School could beat them, maybe its the players or most likely its the coaching staff but in my opinion its that ever since the University got rid of Chief Illiniwek (The team mascot) they have gone down hill.