So Janice said she liked my water shots, well you asked for it and now you get it…. 3 days of water shots..:-))

I took these last Friday, it rained most of the day and really got the creeks and rivers going like crazy, and I got a chance to use my Light Craft Workshop Fader ND filter mkII. Which is a dialable ND filter that goes from 2-8 stops in the same filter, its a great addition to my bag for water shots..




And the last one for today is an overflowing Bald River Falls..


O.k. one more for good measure..


As I mentioned earlier it rained all morning so how do I keep my camera dry??? The Storm Jacket. This is a very cool addition to my camera bag, they come in different sizes for different lenses. I have a short one for my D8O and macro lens and an XL for the long lens and they work great…


DSC_0033 The site for them is

More water shots tomorrow..:-)


Back in Tennessee

YEAH!!! I made it home, well almost. I have to drop a trailer in Knoxville and bobtail the 40 or so miles to Tellico Plains and some much deserved home time. I hav’nt been home since the beginning of December when we did the holiday lights challenge. Man, has it been that long? Oh well, I get to do some photography on the river, visit my mom and dad, and maybe squeeze in a day trip to Cades Cove and one to Knoxville to take the folks to our favorite chinese buffet that has the best hot-n-sour soup in the country. Well I got to get some sleep so I can get up and drive the last few miles later today. If I get any good pics I’ll post them over the next 5 days. The pic is from last year, I hope it snows here in the next few days I need some new winter pics on the river..:-)turkey-creek3-3-8-08