Macro Monday

For today we have some macro wildflowers. I took these on Saturday morning in Illinois.
First is the center of the Trillium. (Trillium recurvatum)

Next is the Blue Violet (Viola soroia)
Legend has it that the greek god Zeus turned his lover Io into a cow to hide her from his wife Hera. Io now a cow was forced to eat grass complained the grass made her throat hurt so she cried. Feeling sorry for her Zeus turned her tears into Violets hence the Io in violet.

And last we have a fascinating little wildflower called Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica)
I got lucky because this only blooms for 3 days, the pink stripes in the petals glow in ultra violet so the insects can find it more easier. I was wondering if at night I could use a black light to see the glow but alas I had to get back to work.

Flower Friday….Almost

On Monday while at home for a visit I got to spend the day wandering around my favorite area, the Tellico River in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. I was moving into position for a few water shots and looked down to see a leafed out and budding Trillium, one of the harbringers of spring in the area. Of course that did’nt stop it from snowing on me awhile later as I got to higher elevations…

Flower Friday

I went back to April of last year for these pics, I’m so tired of just seeing white snow I thought I would post some white Dutchman’s Breeches and a white Trillium for today.I took both shots within a few meters of each other on the Tellico river in Tennessee where I call home. Only a few weeks and we should start seeing the first wildflowers…I can’t wait..


Teatime Tuesday and Two more Trilliums

Well here we are again and today I have probably the most disgusting tea I have tried yet, Tzao’s African Red Bush tea..YEECH! I get the bush part since it tastes like a cross between a bush and dishwater. Since I bought it at the Whole Earth store I guess that gives them the right to charge 1.50 more for a box so I got double screwed, oh well lesson learned. I’m enjoying a great cup of Irish Breakfast tea on the folks back porch while writing this, its nice and cool with a breeze and I’m in nirvana. Not much to report on the health front, I’m doing it and getting my blood sugar levels back, it will just take time and discipline. I’m also including two more Trillium pics, these are a bit different and I still need to look them up, I got to be a tour guide of sorts for my folks yesterday and took them up on a side road of the Tellico River to look for wildflowers for mom to shoot for the upcoming Sunday Stills Challenge, she had a blast as did Chuck. :-))

Bring on the Trilliums

I spent some quality time on the river tuesday looking for trilliums and got my fill, you had to look close but they were there. I even found a rare yellow one which I have never seen on the river. This was a driving excursion and next run I’ll park and go up a few streams looking for more wildflowers, more on those later, I found 4 new types I have never seen before and can’t identify..:-)