Sunday Stills: Cats

Here kitty,kitty,kitty….. Since I have no cat, I’ll share some of my favorite big cat pics from our nations finest zoos.. Graba cup of coffee, this will be a long post..

And for a bit of fun, some of my other favorite cats..

Teatime Tuesday with Tigers and Tortoises

Sometimes you jones for a cup of tea and all thats available is gas station generic tea and thats what I had to settle for last night. Liptons English Breakfast, why is it not as good as Twinnings or Stash? Its generic tea and probably not the best available and bought cheap, but it will do in a pinch. I spent the last two days at the Columbus zoo and had a blast! On Sunday it was a bit stressful with the crowds of people checking out all the animals and making a nuisance out of themselves, tending to the screaming kids who are throwing temper tantrums for not getting a toy or just plain tired, by 3 p.m. even the parents looked haggared and tired and were just trying to get out of the park. I was getting some nice comments on my super tele lens (alot of lens envy going on) and I even let a couple of folks try it on if they had a Nikon and they were impressed to the point that one guy asked if he could buy it right off my camera, I declined because I love my long lens..:-) Tomorrow… Pretty in Pink..:-)


siberian-tigerI have to admit after the last week of snowstorms and slow freight I’m spent and need to go braindead for a few days. No worring about freight, cold, snow, traffic, ect… I really have nothing to say today but as I’m writing this I keep finding things to plink down on my trusty laptop. I’m in Jackson Mississippi this morning and I can’t say I miss the frigid temps up north, it is 20 degrees here and the locals are whining about the cold, which to them I guess it is. ( wait one, I have a lot lizard banging on my door), O.K. disease averted, back to the post. I hope my next load gets me closer to Houston, that would be a nice place to take a few days off, but I’ll keep going till the time is right. Why Houston? Well first, my Aunt lives there, I think. The other thing I like is the Houston Zoo and Herman park, I could spend hours there just shooting pics of animals and the park. Not to mention the duck pond, the pidgeons and the small rodents that love popcorn. Now that I write this I really hope I can get a couple of days there.
Till then enjoy this pic of a Siberian tiger, one of two at the zoo.