A Bit of Fun…Maybe

What do you get when you combine the shows “Lost”, “Jurrasic Park” and “Stargate”? The new or not so new show “Terra Nova” on Fox. I just watched the pilot episode and it was fun but a bit annoying with a predictable plotline. New colonists travel back 85 million years in to the past from a dying world ” Earth in the 22nd century” to populate a clean earth with dinosaurs and lots of jungle. Security forces lead by the same commander who was the bad marine in “Avatar” are covering up some corporate conspiracy and the true reason for the new colony, and of course there is the main family who has to make do in this strange land and survive with 3 kids, and there are the mysterious 6ers who are the rebel colonists, o.k the more I write this it also sounds like a ripoff of “Lost in Space” too. Its really not that bad when you think about all the other unreality shows and competition shows that grace our t.v.’s nightly, luckily I don’t watch t.v and only get to catch shows on Hulu on the laptop. All in all I’ll watch the next few episodes before making a descision on this show, after all ZFox is the channel that brings us “FamilyGuy” and “The Simpsons” right?