The Rest of the Story and Flower Friday

Yesterday I posted a picture of me back in 1989 while stationed at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii and serving in the Army. While the pic looks like I’m at some southern pride rally the truth is we were acting as the OPFOR (Opposing Forces) for a training excercise. We needed a bright coloured flag to mark our position at our headquarters hence the stars and bars. Another group used old glory for their flag.

Me personally, I think the flag is part of history. I know to some its a symbol of haterd and racism but then the swastika was originally a symbol of peace but because of Hitler its now a symbol of hate. What about the hammer and cycle of the former U.S.S.R ? Stalin killed hundreds of thousands of people and what about the rising sun flag of the Imperial military forces of Japan, I’m prettyy sure the people of China did’nt like that flag in the late 30’s to mid 40’s. And latest the black flag of ISIS I don’t think too many people will be collecting that flag.
Lets not forget while people associate the Stars and Bars with slavery and hatred there were slaves long before the civil war like 90-100 years before the war, what if the south had used a pink flag with a bunny on it? pretty silly, isn’t it?. 🙂

Have a great weekend… Ed

And to brighten things up a bit, my Flower Friday pic for this week from yesterday in Oklahoma.


What Does This Picture Say?

I’ll welcome all comments, especially the negative ones and I won’t delete them. Yep, thats me way back in the day posing with an M12A2 assault rifle and kneeling in front of a Confederate Battle Flag. Does this mean I’m an evil, racist person because I am with a flag? Tell me what ya’ll think and I’ll give you the rest of the story tomorrow…

Sorry the pic is really old and done with a Kodak instamatic.


An Unexpected Surprise

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and excuse a few typos its 2 a.m. and I’m on an offramp in Indiana typing this.
On my last day in Illinois I decided to take the morning before meeting my dad for lunch and try one last run in Busey woods for a few bug and amphibian shots. It was overcast and it had just finished raining but it was cool and I kept the camera covered between the raindrops that still fell here and there. I made my way around the area set aside for the prairie reclimation project with lots of grasses and wildflowers and then I decided to head into the woods for a bit of bird/bug shots, after crossing the river I turned to the first trail, an undeveloped trail that heads into the deeper side of the woods and not 10 ft onto the trail I saw them, just a flash of brown in the emerald green of the woods, 3 deer. I’ve been playing in these woods for 35 years and I never saw more than one deer and that was a long time ago, so this was something special for me. I froze in place not wanting to spook them as they foraged in the woods for tasty morsels. I stood transfixed at they saw me but did’nt seem to care. I watched for a while judging the light and cloudcover trying to set the camera for the dark woods. My camera is not dark friendly so I had to make alot of adjustments on the fly, but I finally got the settings right. It was like I was in a dream, one big buck and two does. Then out of the corner of my eye 2 more does and a young buck crossed the trail right in front of me not 20 feet away, they gave me the wary look and kept going to join the rest, it was too cool!

So after watching the herd for a while I decided to leave them alone and continue my hike, besides the mosquitos were eating me alive! I crossed over to the north side of the woods and followed the boardwalk trail to a side trail which leads to a small bridge where I get alot of good dragonfly pics when I see a doe staring right at me not 30 feet off the trail, I just shot about 150 pics of deer so I did’nt bother her and continued to the side trail. I got there and decided to set the tripod down and take a break and turned my hear to the left and was staring right at 2 fawns in the underbrush not 10 feet away! My heart stopped, I froze, not wanting to spook them I moved very slowly but the one just looked right at me and continued to chew something and I think he/she was more intrigued by me than I was of it. I turned the camera and just started taking pics, its sibling did’nt even turn to look at me. I spent a few minutes and moved on beacuse I did’nt want to draw attention to them from other hikers and loud kids.

The rest of the hike to the bridge and pond was a bust, the dragonflies just were not there, bummer, but the deer made it all worth the trip, until I had to take a leak in the woods, BIG mistake, ever get a mosquito bite on your privates? Not fun.. Well I hope ya’ll enjoyed this long post, probably the longest one I have ever done. Have a great weekend..:-)))