Teatime Tuesday

Today we have Dragon Pearl Jasmine, this is some good tea from Harney & Sons. I picked it up at our local bakery in town, Tellico Grains a fantastic bakery with all sorts of goodies that I can no longer indulge in like scones and cream cheese brownies. Luckily they also do some great breads and I was there picking up some multi-grain and sourdough breads, they make great pannini sandwiches. Anyway back to the tea, its a nice blend of green tea and jasmine which does not leave a bad aftertaste and I drank it plain and loved it. On to other news, I got a temporary medical card for 30 days and will be back on the road tomorrow hopefully, the doc at the test facility said he needed another 30 days of me on my meds and show improvement before he would give me a year card. So after the clinin we stopped by a little camera store in Knoxville and I went to the used lens case and I found and bought a mint condition Sigma 70-300mm lens with a macro setting for 130.00….YIPPEEE! Now I have my mid-range lens. So the flower pic this week is using my new lens and the bug on the wild dasies is with my 18-200mm and the tea pic is with my canon SD4000IS.. Hava great week..Ed