Finally… I got the bears of the Columbus zoo doing something instead of sleeping…

The Polar Bears were having a nice swim or watching the sunrise…



And Brutus and Buckeye were having some fun wrestling around and proving they are not old farts…The Brothers were orphaned as cubs in Alaska and moved to the Columbus zoo a long time ago..




Like I said everyone was up and moving ….well not everyone, the Sunbear was doing what he does best… sunning himself and snoozin’



I’m not sure what I’ll be doing for tomorrow but it will be more zoo pics..:-)

Slow Days at the Zoo

The biggest problem with zoos in the north in the fall and winter is no one wants to go outside. Most of the primates stayed indoors, a few Gibbons ventured outside into the sun but the rest were inside due to the chilly temps. Most of the animals in the North American exhibit were out but a bit camera shy. I hope to get back to the Columbus zoo in January or Feburary to get some shots of the polar bears in the snow..

UnBEARable Weather

Back to last Tuesday and the start of another zoo week on my blog. Last Tuesday was rainy windy and a bit chilly but still, any day at a zoo is a good one. So for today we have the massive kings of the north the Alaskan Brown Bear and the Polar Bear. The pics were not the best due to the rain on the vieving windows but not too bad..:-)

Polar Bear Roundup

I’ve been wanting to share these shots for a week now. I took these last Tuesday at the Columbus Zoo. This is the new Polar bear/ Brown bear habitiat and its fantastic. The 2 Polar bears are sisters brought down from the Toledo zoo and seem to really like their new home as much as the people who visit them and they don’t dissapoint with their underwater antics. The habitat has both an above ground viewing area as well as a below the water viewing area to watch them swim and chase the fish, they love that probably more than the fish, they just swim out of the way and look anoyed..:-)