Macro Monday: You Can’t Escape My Macro Lens

Bug hunt! The smaller the better and more of a challenge to find but worth the look…..

DSC_4258This lil’ fella was hiding in the crook of some leaves….

DSC_4318.JPGaaaThis guy was playing peekaboo just above eye level on some sunflower leaves…

DSC_4337.JPGaaaAnd I have no idea whats going on here, they did’nt appear to be eating. I found them below knee level and had to get way down to get this pic…

DSC_3954And not a bug but I do love shrooms, I found these growing on a log in a dark forest but as luck would have it there was this ray of sunshine to light them up..

Sunday Stills: Signs of Fall

And thus begins my favorite time of year, fall and winter. Sure signs of fall…..

Corn changing color and stormy skies….

Geese heading south…

And of course leaves start changing, the Sugar Maples start early…

And last but the best…. Spidey make an appearance with a Sugar Maple leaf and the last of the summer shrooms…:-)

Sunday Stills: My Best Shots of 2010

What a year! 2010 was pretty good to me for pics, I’m sure there are others I did’nt include but these are my favorite/best ones of the past year. Anyone who knows me knows my favorite photography is Macro and Birds and Insects and the occasional landscape shots. I’ve included my bast dragonfly pic, my favorite day on the Tellico River in the snow and the Kayakers, a baby hawk, Osprey and an American Kestrel from Florida, and to end it all a pic of Spidey on a Bird of Paradise taken one year ago on January 1, 2010 to end the series.
Happy New Year everyone and have a great 2011!!!

Sunday Stills: The Best of 09′

This was real hard for me since I shoot thousands of pics throughout the year but I somehow managed to pic my 2 favorite shots, since I am primarily a nature photographer my first shot is of a Black Bear and her cub in Cades Cove Tennessee. I had been going there for a couple of years and never saw a bear, but on this day I saw at least 5 and I went into hyper mode with the camera. The second is my first serious Macro shoot on the Tellico River when I found this little clump of mushrooms and spent a couple of hours lying prone in the dirt and mud as I shot up close and personal with the shrooms. This sent me on a journey of macro photography that I love. So there you have it and here they are and here is to another year of up close and long range shooting..:-)

A Female Black Bear and her cub in Cades Cove National park taken in may 2009.

And my shrooms taken on the Tellico River in Tellico Plains Tennessee in September of 09′ my first serious macro shoot.
Have a great week…Ed