Skywatch Friday: Wednesdays Lunar Eclipse

I got lucky this time and I was in central Indiana with no cloud cover for the show. While its an eclipse folks were calling it a Blood Moon on the news, I guess CNN needed to get the word blood out there to get folks interested. Either way it was one fun event and I even danced a little jig at the moment of totality to show I was a lunatic.. 😉





Lunar Tuesday

If I got any good eclipse pics last evening I’ll post them tomorrow, but here are a few I took back in 2008 during a lunar eclipse I got to see in Atlanta Georgia. The skies were full of city grime and there were whispy clouds but I managed a few decent pics. This year I will be somewhere in Pennsylvania and hopefully the skies will be nice and clear, but there will be a small problem this time, when I has home 2 weeks ago I left my long lens so I will have to make do with a 300mm lens, I did some test pics Monday night and while the detail is not great it should suffice.


Bring on the Supermoon….

I took this shot last night, the full moon is not due till Sunday morning but I’ll get more pics this evening to see if a few thousand miles closer will make a difference in the details fo the lunar surface. If interested I shot this pic in aperature mode with an ISO of 800 and F:6.3 using a Sigma 175-500mm lens maxed out to 500mm and free handed, not tripod for me last night..:-)