Pure Relief

Mom came out of her surgery with flying colours yesterday afternoon. After a Maise procedure and the replacement of one valve which is a pig valve ( I’ll have to take her out to look for truffles) she is doing great and is off the breathing tube and got to visit for a short time with Chuck last night. I got back to my truck after the surgery and I was assured everything was going well. Now the next phase of rehab starts and soon she will hopefully be back to her old self.
Thanks for all the well wishes, I’ve save them and will read them to her when I can get to call her in her room and she is lucid.
On my side of the drama curve, today is wipe windows 8 from my laptop and re-install windows 7 and hopefully that will fix my laptop problems, also the guy at the computer rehab store has a device that can turn the hard drive from my broken Toshiba into an external hard drive and I should be able to recover most of the stuff from the Toshiba including my vast I-Tunes library…:-)
I hope to get back to posting pics soon, I have a buttload of new ones, the spring flowers and tree blooms are really popping down south..:-)

Hang in there Mom……..

Today is D-Day, my mom is having open heart surgery to have 2 valves replaced and my nerves are on edge. For those of you who know my mom (Di Bear at Retired and Livin’ it) she has not posted since before christmas. Back in December she had a bout with a nasty infection that put her in the hospital for over a month and then in rehab for most of January and February for the anti-biotic treatments. Well apperantlty the virus mutated into something the docs did’nt identify and cleared her to go home. Well, the virus did’nt go away and within a week of going home the virus was back with a vengence and she had a mild stroke which put her right back in the hospital and they then found the leaky valves and the virus was going after her heart. That was 2 weeks ago and now after hopefully getting rid of the latest infection they are going to give her a proverbial valve job. So this morning in about an hour I’m heading to the hospital for a very long day. Wish her luck, she does have the best heart surgeon in Tennessee working on her so thats encouraging.
Her is mom and Chuck from a few years ago.
mom and chuck at buck bald tn. 3-12-07