Sunday Stills: Cats

Here kitty,kitty,kitty….. Since I have no cat, I’ll share some of my favorite big cat pics from our nations finest zoos.. Graba cup of coffee, this will be a long post..

And for a bit of fun, some of my other favorite cats..


Ever had that feeling you were being watched? Not just a casual glance but an intense feeling someone or something is watching you. I have had this feeling on more than one occasion, like when in the deep woods doing some photography, or just wandering around in a zoo, Like when I took this pic of the Amur Leopard. I was actually checking out another leopard when I turned around and this fellow was just watching me, staring at me, so what did I do….I took his pic of course. After awhile of mutual staring he got bored and went away to take a nap or whatever cats do. I kind of miss that cat and the others and want to get back to Denver to see how they are doing. I hear the zoo is open year round and a winter excursion might be in the works and an adventure…..snow-leopard7