Some Cute Critters

As I watched the lions trying to figure out how to shoot through 4 inches of glass and more little fingerprints than I cared to count I overheard a mom talking to her friend saying how much she liked the extra security to protect them from the animals, I interjected that the extra protection was actually for the animals from us. The problem with zoos since the two idiots got themsevles killed by a tiger in San Francisco is for the zoos to protect protect the animals from the visitors is they have increaced the amount of fencing and ballistic glass. This makes it difficult to photograph, single fencing is o.k. I can focus through it but double is impossible, so I gave up on the animals and concentrated on the flora instead of the fauna. But I did manage some good pix of what I did shoot. Enjoy and I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow for Sunday Stills… Ed