Sunday Stills: Action

For me a true challenge is to photograph animals or people in motion, keeping the subject in focus while panning and shooting makes for interesting pics. 🙂






Sunday Stills: My Best Shots of 2010

What a year! 2010 was pretty good to me for pics, I’m sure there are others I did’nt include but these are my favorite/best ones of the past year. Anyone who knows me knows my favorite photography is Macro and Birds and Insects and the occasional landscape shots. I’ve included my bast dragonfly pic, my favorite day on the Tellico River in the snow and the Kayakers, a baby hawk, Osprey and an American Kestrel from Florida, and to end it all a pic of Spidey on a Bird of Paradise taken one year ago on January 1, 2010 to end the series.
Happy New Year everyone and have a great 2011!!!

Sunday Stills: Best Pics of 2011

First off Happy New Year!!! Its been a great 2011 for my photography but some pics stood out in my mind. Last March and April were great for spring wildflowers and some cool guests at my folks house in Tennessee, the Waxwings made a stop and gorged themselves on berries. I also got some nice kayaker shots on the Tellico River and found some wild Crokuses,Bluebells and Trilliums. Since winter is deciding to stay away this year maybe we will have an early spring and I can get some more wildflower shots..:-))

A Quick Story Behind The Pic

One of my favorite things to do when home is going down to the river and photograph Kayakers. The area is called Baby Falls and has a drop of 15-20feet depending on the water level. On one of my first trips there I was just beginning photography and had my Sony DSC-H1 which at the time was a first generation point and shoot with a good 12x optical zoom. Anyway I was trying to get Kayakers in mid drop at the falls when this unfortunate fellow got twisted and ended up going over the falls upside down.
This is leading up to my next post on the Sunday Stills page for tomorrow which will be a little writeup on action photography. See ya there..Edoops