Sunday Stills: In the Air

This one will be a long one, I love trying to take pics of flying things….
First we have some hot air balloons..



And also a Navy trainer from WW2.


How about some helicopters?




And finally my favorite subject….BIRDS!





H3 3-25-08

Sunday Stills: Birds…….of Prey

I did take new bird pics this week but decided to keep with a theme for my bird pics this weeks challenge. After 5 days of bird posts I was hoping to have enough pics to do this and found out I still have not done seabirds, so I may do them some time next week, its been fun doing birdy posts..:-)

So without further delay here are some high speed hunters of the air and two voracious hunters of the ground, one from Africa which I took at the zoo and one from Arizona which I took in a parking lot, he was chasing lizards, and not of the lot variety….

CC3 DSC_0017 DSC_0205 DSC_0433 DSC_0450 DSC_6892 DSC_7196 DSC_7763 DSC_8106 H5 3-25-08 HARRIS HAWK3 5-15-07 PHOENIX RR3 4-6-07 SCREECH OWL2 5-15-07

Sunday Stills: Birds

This challenge I love even though I have to go to the archives, its been nasty weather and there are not alot of birds about this week. This spring I plan on concentrating on my bird pics more. So for this challenge I’m going with “Birds of Prey” and then since I have hundreds of bird pics I’ll do a bird week with different themes for the next week..:-)

First we have a Belted Kingfisher that I took in Illinois.

This is a Barn Owl, I got this one at the bird show at the Knoxville zoo.

And this handsome fella is a Great Horned owl also from the bird show at the Knoxville zoo.

Next we are off to south Texas for the Cara Cara, this is one of my favorite exotic birds.

Back to Illinois for a pair of young hawks, the first one was only 15 feet away in a tree and seened interested in the camera.

This is a special pic for me because it was my first Osprey pic, I took this in Florida.

Also in the special catagory is this pic of an American Kestral I also took in Florida.

And last but not least we head to Arizona for the North American Roadrunner..Beep..Beep..:-)
I hope ya’ll enjoyed my birds of prey and I’ll look for some macro shots of birds eyes for tomorrow.
Hava great day….Ed

Ever been really Annoyed?

All you want to do is find a good meal and then you get chased off by a bunch of crows. This just goes to prove hawks are wussies and really don’t like to be annoyed, I’m sure of he wanted to he could tear up those crows but instead he just tried to get away. But then it was 10 to 1 with another 50 or so off camera. I took this a couple of weeks ago and was fascinated by the number or murder of crows that were out and the lone hawk just trying to get away. I saw this a few years ago in California when A hawk was chased off by a lone bird, that is the second pic..:-)

Sunday Stills: My Best Shots of 2010

What a year! 2010 was pretty good to me for pics, I’m sure there are others I did’nt include but these are my favorite/best ones of the past year. Anyone who knows me knows my favorite photography is Macro and Birds and Insects and the occasional landscape shots. I’ve included my bast dragonfly pic, my favorite day on the Tellico River in the snow and the Kayakers, a baby hawk, Osprey and an American Kestrel from Florida, and to end it all a pic of Spidey on a Bird of Paradise taken one year ago on January 1, 2010 to end the series.
Happy New Year everyone and have a great 2011!!!