Slow Days at the Zoo

The biggest problem with zoos in the north in the fall and winter is no one wants to go outside. Most of the primates stayed indoors, a few Gibbons ventured outside into the sun but the rest were inside due to the chilly temps. Most of the animals in the North American exhibit were out but a bit camera shy. I hope to get back to the Columbus zoo in January or Feburary to get some shots of the polar bears in the snow..

4X4 Meme

Mornin’ everyone! I got tagged by J9 (see blogroll to right for link) for a 4X4 photo meme, which is take the 4th pic from the 4th folder. Well I have folders on both my laptop and my portable hard drive so I’m posting two pics. The first from my laptop happened to be the file from last nights moon pics, and the second is from my miscelaneous animal pics folder.
Enjoy and see ya’ll tomorrow for the Sunday Stills Challenge