Slow Days at the Zoo

The biggest problem with zoos in the north in the fall and winter is no one wants to go outside. Most of the primates stayed indoors, a few Gibbons ventured outside into the sun but the rest were inside due to the chilly temps. Most of the animals in the North American exhibit were out but a bit camera shy. I hope to get back to the Columbus zoo in January or Feburary to get some shots of the polar bears in the snow..

Sunday Stills: Faces

I’m not much into photographing people unless its family and since I’m on the road this week I decided to go with Great Apes and monkeys since they have fantastic faces and expressions. So grab a cup of coffee and delve into the wonderful world of primates……

Still one of my favorite Places

I’m taking a couple of days off to visit my favorite zoo in the country, the Columbus Zoo in Columbus Ohio. To show how much I love this zoo I live in Tennessee and I have a membership to a zoo in Ohio, I figure why not. They are busy this week putting up x-mas lights at the zoo and as I sit in the entrance at 3 a.m I can see the lights on in the zoo and wish I could get in before sunup and get some pics, it looks really cool. I spent the day yesterday wandering around the zoo watching everything and taking lots of pics, the Lions were chuffing and the Gibbons were howling and causing a ruckus. the babies are growing up too fast and the baby elephant is getting really big, my favorite baby gibbon is getting big too but still clings to his mom like a newborn. Today I’ll try for some pics of the Gorillas and Bonobos, and work on my pics for Sunday Stills. Yesterday was more of a scouting mission, recon if you will, to see how the cloudy grey skies will effect my pics for today and I found if I keep the sky out of the pics the cloudy conditions act as a difuser and there is not much glare. So as I wander around on day two I hope the quality of my pics will be better and I think I may work on some homosapien pics as well. I can’t wait for 9 a.m. when they open..:-))
Here is an updated pic of the baby Gibbon and his howling mommy…

Columbus Zoo: Its all about the Primates

One of the things that make the Columbus zoo my favorite is the extensive Primate exhibits and the great enclosures they have for them, they all seem happy and well taken care of. The photo opprotunities abound as there are alot of viewing areas without glass and I can get some great shots, for the shots with glass a polarizer filter helps reduce glare and reflections. So here are some of my favorite primate pics from Tuesday…Ed
A Colobus monkey and a new friend.
A female Gorilla
A young Bonobo
A female Bonobo
Mandrill or Baboon
Willie the Male Orangutan
Sarah, the hottie female Orangutan
And finally the mama Gibbon and her adorable baby..
Hope ya’ll enjoyed these pics. I have an update on my ghost post for tomorrow, my folks think they may have identified him….