Macro Monday

First, I missed my first Sunday Stills ever yesterday and I’m bummed out. But then I’m home for a few days and I got my latest package from B&H Photo and I get to go play with my new 2-8 stop ND fader filter on the river, so I hope ya’ll are looking forward to alot of water shots. This filter slows the shutter speed and I should be able to get some great moving water shots without using shutter mode and get back to aperature mode. So after posting this its adventure time in the woods and exploring the various creeks along the Tellico River for some better macro shots…. For today its not really a true macro but I got some pics of brachiopods in the ceiling of the Kentucky Caverns in Horse Cave Kentucky. It was a pretty cool find as well as the cave frog also pictured, the guide said he usually hangs around and in the spring and summer there are salamanders galore, so I’ll have to get back there in June or July. The best thing is there is a Loves truckstop across the street from the caves and the name of the place is Kentucky Down Under featuring the Kentucky Caverns and a bunch of Australian animals and birds. Its worth a stop if for are ever traveling on I-65..:-)

I took all my cave shots with my Canon G12 point and shoot in Aperature mode with the ISO cranked up to 1600, it goes up to 3200 but the pics get grainey. My Nikon D80 only goes to 1600 so the G12 is perfect for close in work and low light shots..:-)