Sunday Stills: International Cusine

Well I’m doing the best for this challenge. We have some tomato bisq with smoked gouda cheese. some tasty Croatian pasteries, my mom’s famous stuffed bell pepper on a bed of wild rice and stuffed with a nice beef mix and topped with a slice of tomato and chedder cheese. and for good measure 2 night shots of Qudoba’s mexican grill and Fazzoli’s Italian fast food….
The Bisque and pasteries are from Pekaras Bakery in Champaign Illinois.


Sunday Stills: Something Hot!

I got luck and pestered my mum on Saturday morning for these shots while she was making Chorizo and Egg burritos…nice and HOT!

She is the best cook I know and I have been gorging myself the last few days on her fantastic homecooked food..:-)

First we have the heating element on the stove..


Then we have the spicy hot Chorizo ( Mexican Sausage)


And after you mix in eggs, peppers and tomatos you need the Salsa Verde, whick I let boil so that is deffinatly HOT!


And what breakfast is complete without homefries..


And finally the finished product.. FANTASTIC!!


Not to mention my B-Day dinner on Thursday night, chicken enchiladas, refried beans and mexi rice with the best queso dip..YUMMMM!

Thanks mom (DiBear)..:-))))

Sunday Stills: Ethnic Food

Well, I did’nt get to anyplace exciting this week but I did get to try Chipotle and it was’nt too bad, even if it was a bit pricey. The Burrito Bowl was excellent with all the goodies all piled in a bowl and no tortilla, but I made up for that with the chips and salsa. The second entree was a quick stop at a Subway for a pepperoni pizza whick is’nt too bad either for a quick meal..:-)

One of my favorite places..

Lil’ Porgy’s BBQ!!! Since 1981 this has been my favorite place for sliced pork sandwiches in the U.S. I remember when I was a teenager one of my best friends worked there and I was totally jealous. Even to this day I get homesick for this place where I grew up in Urbana Illinois and can’t wait to eat there and shotgun a cup of mix sauce for old times, meaning, yes I drink a cup of mix sauce straight. In my mind Lil’ Porgy’s isn’t about the meat, its all in the sauce..:-)))

Something new for Dinner

Well its been two weeks of blissful vacation and getting my health back in check after finding I have high blood sugar and am a Diabetic. Thanks to Metformin and moms healthy cooking I have dropped my numbers significantly and even lost a few pounds, and my blood pressure has dropped due to no stress and decent diet. So Monday I go in for my DOT physical and will get back on the road hopefully Tuesday..YIPPEEE!!!
Here is a new for me dish mom made a couple of days ago and one she made when I was a kid, stuffed bell peppers! These were stugged with turkey, brown rice and veggies and topped with cheese and a slice of tomato and baked in the oven..DELISH!! And for desert….Strawberry/Blueberries on Sugar free angelfood cake and topped with sugar free CoolWHip.. The last pic is for my Dad and Sarah D, my fellow “Family Guy” Fans and anyone else who gets it…:-)))

The Beginning to a Perfect Day

Well its Thursday and I thought it was Friday for some odd reason. I made it to Evansville Indiana this morning and dropped my trailer and went in search for a place to park and I think I found the center of my universe, within 200yards I have a wal-mart, a best buy, a michaels and a panera bread nirvana. So first thing this morning was a quick stop at wally world then over to Panera for breakfast and let me tell ya the 4 cheese and egg souffle was fantastic and coupled with Chai spice black tea life could’nt get any better, till later on when I go to best buy and then to michaels to see about getting Stanley a new hair doo (more on that later). Did I mention the high for today here is going to be in the upper 60’s? After the last week of snow storms and single didget temps this will be great..:-) Hava great day…