Macro Monday: Butter and Dragon

Until Saturday I had never seen a butterfly or a dragonfly in an urban enviroment, lucky for me I found both in Krutch park in downtown Knoxville.. 🙂



Curious Visitor

I was taking some bee and wildflower pics when this lil’ fella flew by and landed. I was more interested in bees at the time but he seemed like he insisted on me taking his pic by not taking off and staring at me, at one point he buzzed my camera. Interesting behavior for a dragonfly so I snapped a few pics then he took off..

p.s. Like I commented on Mike Powells blog, getting  a dragonflies eyes in focus  is a pain in the butt….

DSC_6130 DSC_6166.JPGaaa

Macro Monday

It still amazes me that some insects look like aliens, or maybe it us that look like giant aliens to them, especially when there is a big lens in their faces……



While difficult to shoot, Dragonflies and Damselflies are my favorite insects…


Macro Monday: Dragons and Damsels

I’m kicking off bug week with some Dragonflies and Mayflies, so if you are into some really cool insects come back throughout the week for some creepy crawleys..:-)