Teatime Tuesday

Actually I’m writing this Monday evening in Charlotte North Carolina in urban sprawl. I had to get a prescription filled and this took me to wally world in the urban jungle. The good news is besides getting my scrips filled I got a couple good meals. Breakfast was at Panera Bread, an excellent ham and cheese quiche and a cup of earl grey tea and for lunch I went to Qdoba mexican grill which is the same as Chipotle, excellent tacos. So all in all is was a good Monday and then back to driving to where I have no idea, thats why I like my job. every day brings something new and sometimes exciting.
Now, on to why this is called Teatime Tuesday last week I did a nice green tea with toasted rice which was pretty good, now the total opposite…. Tzao Green Tips… YECCCCHHHH!!! I think the tips are asparagus at least thats what I tasted and I DON’T LIKE ASPARAGUS! Never have, never will so this weeks tea get a rating of ZERO from me, other folks may disagree and like the taste but this is my blog and my opinion..:-)

To cleanse the visial palate we also have some Dogwood Blooms and a wildflower I found on the side of the road..

For my Mom

Well I had my D.O.T Physical this morning and all is well, I even lost 15 lbs since my last physical. I found a Pink Dogwood tree this morning as well as a white one and could’nt pass up the opprotunity, so with camera in hand I trudged off across the wet field in search of some pics. I know how much my Mom (Dibear) loves dogwoods so these are for her. Thanks for the great days off and the excellent meals, but its time to get back to the T.S. food and start looking for the next lightning shots..:-)
I took these this morning in Knoxville Tennessee.pink-dogwood1white-dogwoodpink-dogwood2