My Favorite Mistake/ The Story Behind the Pic

Back in June of 2007 when I was just starting photography and driving in Northern California down a quiet highway I spotted a herd of deer by the road and as I approached them they took off and I just grabbed the camera and got off a few pics as they ran alongside the road. Only later did I realize that the pics were a bit blurry and a tad out of focus. I almost deleted the batch but decided to keep a couple as a learning tool. As I matured in my photography I learned that some pics just look more interesting a bit out of focus. Thanks for the comments on Sunday and as a thank you id anyone wants a full file size copy of the pic for personal use, either as a screen saver or to print (I think you can print it up to a 18×24 and not loose resoloution) just drop me a comment and I’ll return the comment with a copy of the file…

I can’t remember the camera settings, its been awhile but I got the pic with a Nikon D50 and a Nikon 18-200mm lens in Aperature mode.

Sunday Stills: Animals in Black and White

Bet ya’ll thought I would post zoo animals… These are animals I found in odd places, fields, fairs, or running next to the road..

Back to Cades Cove

So for today I thought I would post some more shots of last weeks trip to Cades Cove in Tennessee. I can’t wait to get back there but with school getting out soon and summer rapidly approaching this little slice of heaven will soon be inendated by tourists and enjoying the park will be non existent. To put it mildly it will just be too busy. But for now here are a few images of a nice and quiet Cades Cove..

First we have a nice tranquil water shot…

Here we have a mamma black bear and her yearling cub who was born in January of 2011. Not my best shots but then I was freehanding my long lens at max zoom..

I like this shot of a nice stream leading to one of the cantalever barns.

Just one of the many deer who live in the park, except on this day we saw only two deer..

And last but not least a nice landscape shot of one of the open fields and lots of mountains surrounding Cades Cove. I hope ya’ll enjoyed this quick tour..:-)