My Sunday Adventure

Yesterday after a great Breakfast of eggs benedict made by my dad Chuck I decided to take a wonder drive up the mountain via the Cherohala Skyway. Usually I make it to Stratton Meadows where I then head down the mountain via forest roads to where I start. Well I found snow,ice and fog and had to head back down the skyway.


After backtracking down the mountain I decided to give the North River route a try to get up the mountain, its mostly gravel/dirt forest roads and should give good traction up to and above the 3000ft mark. When I hit the road it was nice and dry and green, that would soon change.


On the way up it was pretty nice but I wanted snow and I did’nt have long to wait.
At the 2800ft make it started to snow turning the forest into a winter wonderland, it was sooooo quiet, the only sound was the running water and an occasional bird chirp.




It was real nice till I hit the 3000ft mark and it started snowing but I was bound and determined to make it to the top and Stratton Meadows where I could safely turn around and head back down the mountain. So in 1st gear my venerable Ford F-150 made it up the last 800ft climb and I got turned around for the creep back down the mountain… and more pics.


I’ll do a few more pics tomorrow before we head back to the Air Museum.

It was a cloudy day…

It was a cloudy day and the threat for rain was in the air last Monday when I decided to get off my lazy butt and venture to the river and the Cherohala Skyway for a wanderdrive. I’m saving my favorite shots for Sunday Stills but I really liked this shot from the skyway with the sun peeking through the clouds and spotlighting the valley below. It was’nt an optimal day for photography but you have to work with what you have and for the most part I tried to keep the sky out of the shots and concentrate on the river and woods..:-)

Skywatch Friday

It was a rainy,cloudy day on the Cherohala Skyway yesterday as i went on a search for summer wildflowers and butterflies. The elevation was around 3000ft and I got above the clouds for awhile before dropping back into the woods on a lone forest road. Needless to say it was a relaxing day and I went into hyper mode with all the wildflowers and butterflies at the lower elevations, more on that in the next few posts, all in all it was a fun visit with the folks, thanks mom(DiBear) for the great meals, I miss you guys already..:-)

I got my sunrise

my day started at 4:30am and I got to the top of the Cherohala Skyway an hour later. As I sat in the dark I was hoping the cloud cover would break before sunup. Well the dawn broke and the sun came out for only 20 minutes so I worked fast, tripod up camera settings set and I just waited until the time was just right. After that it was just driving around looking for targets of opprotunity. I found some small waterfalls and alot of fog on the top of the mountain. All in all it was a blast! I got back to the homestead around 1pm and downloaded the pics, all 325 of them and whittled that down to around 63. I had my mom pick 10 of her faves and added a couple of my own for the blog and flicker. So I hope ya’ll enjoy them I’m posting my favorite sunrise pic from this morning and you can see the rest of them at my Flicker account on the right side of the blog, just click on a pic and it will take ya there.
Hava great day, I’m taking a nap…:-)