Macro Monday: Peek-A-Bee

Like a kid in a candy store I spent a couple of hours yesterday at the Illini Arboretum at the University of Illinois and was chasing bees and butterflies. Today I’m heading back for more pics, its going to be a fun couple of days off doing what I like best. 🙂

Here is one shy bee.



Flower Friday

How do you choose only a few pics when you take and keep over 400? I had the opprotunity twice over the past week to visit my dad in Illinois and after breakfast each visit we ended up perusing the flowery goodness of Meadowbrook Park and for a short time I lost myself in photographing the gardens and the wildflower walk and describing the various flora to my dad, a retired science teacher who spmetimes leaves comments as Mr.P a knickmane his students gave him a long time ago. So after an hour of chasing butterflies and Bees and filling a memory card on my camera I said farwell to my dad and got back into my big orange ship and got back to work. These short visits really recharged my mental battery, just to get out of the truck for awhile that really helps… 🙂