Sunday Stills: Best of 2011

I had my post ready for tonight but I don’t know what happened. Well here it is, I had a fun 2011 with my bird photography and my faves in that catagory were the Cedar Waxwings that visited my folks house. I also liked the Kayaker pics from last March and of course my faves have to include my wildflower shots..:-))

My life in the last 96 hours

Well this will be a bit long to explain. Last friday I had a DOT (Department of Transportation) physical in Green Bay Wisconsin where I learned I have a high blood sugar content which negated my medical card which I need to drive, so I was stuck in GB and had to get home to Tennessee so I can hook up with a doctor and get my “Diabetes” in check so I can pass the DOT physical which I should be able to do in a couple of weeks..hopefully…things are gonna change pretty quick. Its not the end of the world, I have a doctors appointment on this coming friday and I have 2 weeks of paid vacation coming so I finally get to take one at the Ellis ranch and resort. ..Back to Green Bay.. After being notified by my company that I needed to get checked out I rented a car and Saturday morning drove the 844 miles home in about 14 hours with all my stuff from the truck in a very nice Toyota Camery which got amazing mileage, about 38mpg on the highway. Well I got home Saturday night and got setteled in Sunday morning for my extended home time which I’m looking forward to, to be honest I need a vacation. I spent today with my camera out back photographing birds and wildflowers, helped a bit planting Blackberry bushes and the new flowers for the folks english garden, friday I’ll get a couple of gnomes for the garden and price a gazing ball and stand ( mom really wants one of those). Well till I get back on the road I’ll keep busy taking pics and doing some running around with the folks, have some chinese and get some pics for the upcoming Sunday Stills. Oh yeah yesterday we went to a whole earth grocery store and I did pick up some interesting new teas…more on that later. I’ll leave ya’ll with my favorite pic from today, Cedar Waxwings, about 25 just in this pic alone, and we have the feeding frenzy in the holly tree and some of the boys grooming themselves in the sun..:-)

Sunday Stills: Best Pics of 2011

First off Happy New Year!!! Its been a great 2011 for my photography but some pics stood out in my mind. Last March and April were great for spring wildflowers and some cool guests at my folks house in Tennessee, the Waxwings made a stop and gorged themselves on berries. I also got some nice kayaker shots on the Tellico River and found some wild Crokuses,Bluebells and Trilliums. Since winter is deciding to stay away this year maybe we will have an early spring and I can get some more wildflower shots..:-))