The Quiet Road

The best part of the park road being closed due to snow…… No traffic, usually this road is packed with tourists. This day they were all waiting for the road to open about 2 miles behind myself and a couple of other intrepid photographers like the one in the pic.


What a Great Day

Last Monday I took a day trip to Cades Cove national park near Townsend Tennessee. I was expection a nice spring day but mother nature had other ideas. The cove got hit overnight with 4 inches of snow and ice and the one way park road was closed till the snow and ice melted off the tree branches that overhang the park road, major bummer, but wait, why not park the truck and take a wonder hike? Well me and a few other photographers did just that, while most of the other visitors waited in their cars for the road to open we got the full experience of the cove covered in snow and it was perfection. After shooting about 1500 pics and walked 5 miles I was spent but completely satisfied and happy. As for the lazy folks who waited in their cars, when I left the cove around 11:00 a.m. the road was still closed and there was a backup of at least 2 miles of cars waiting to try to get into the park.

I’ll be posting alot of pics over the next week of the snowscape of the Cove.


Can you tell I was not expecting snow.. 😉


Grin and Bear It……

I’m almost home for a few days of much needed off time, its been almost 2 months on the road and I’m starting to go batty. Next Monday I’m planning a trip to Cades Cove national park for a day with hopefully Smokey the Bear(s). If they are not out yet there are still the wild turkeys and loads of deer to photograph not to mention the fantastic scenery. I can’t wait!
These pics are from my last visit a few years back when I finally hit the jackpot for bear pics, I saw at least 5 on that day.




Sunday Stills: Dangerous Things

I would consider these things pretty dangerous…..




And if you have ever seen “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail” you will get the next pic.. 😉
san jacinto bunny