Macro Monday

I guess since there has not been a hard freeze in Illinois the bugs are still going strong and getting the last of the pollen. I also found wildflowers still blooming, its going to be a crazy winter..:-)




Macro Monday: At the Columbus Zoo

Another week begins and I’m enjoying some off time in my second favorite place to do so…. Columbus Ohio and the Columbus Zoo! I spent Saturday fighting large crowds and trying to get some new interesting pics, yesterday I rested my tired bones and got some rest and today I’m going back with my long lens for some more intimate pics of the animals and hopefully it will be less crowded. While the throngs of visitors crowded around the animals I did some flower/bug photography, I’m always amused when kids and adults ask me why I’m taking pics of flowers and bugs to which I reply there are other things at the zoo besides animals with a smile, then I watch in amusement as they start taking pics of the flowers and the kids ask their parents what kind of flowers they are..:-)




Macro Monday

2 more months and I get to go bug hunting again….and I can’t wait! After perusing my buggy files I realized just how much I miss getting down and most times dirty with my Nikon D80 and my Sigma 105mm macro lens looking for the creepy crawlys….:-))