Birthplace of Texas

Well, my 3rd day off took me to San Jacinto, the birthplace of Texas where on April 21st 1836 general Sam Houston with 700 men soundly defeated general Santa Anna and 1200 of his best troops. In 18 minutes the battle was over and the next day Santa Anna was captured and given the choice of being executed or signing over all land to the republic of Texas, guess which option he took? Anyway it is a great place to visit and the monument is astounding. I took the elevator to the top for some photos and the view was amazing, 489 feet to the top.
After that I went across the road to see the Battleship Texas and the area Sam Houston used as a camp before the battle. Pretty interesting if I may say.
Then it was a ferry ride across the channel to one of my favorite spots to photograph Brown Pelicans. I used this time to practice taking pics of them in flight, not to bad if I may say so.
The pics in the gallery are some of my favorites form yesterday including pics of the monument at night and sunrise, the U.S.S Texas, a few from the top of the monument ( you can see my truck way down there), and of course my Pelicans…I just love those guys…. 🙂
Today I’m back for one more day at the zoo before going back to work on friday.
I have a bunch of zoo pics up at Flicker to the right of the page.
Hava great day…Ed