Grin and Bear It……

I’m almost home for a few days of much needed off time, its been almost 2 months on the road and I’m starting to go batty. Next Monday I’m planning a trip to Cades Cove national park for a day with hopefully Smokey the Bear(s). If they are not out yet there are still the wild turkeys and loads of deer to photograph not to mention the fantastic scenery. I can’t wait!
These pics are from my last visit a few years back when I finally hit the jackpot for bear pics, I saw at least 5 on that day.




Sunday Stills: Dangerous Things

I would consider these things pretty dangerous…..




And if you have ever seen “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail” you will get the next pic.. 😉
san jacinto bunny

Black and White Tuesday

Black bears at Cades Cove National Park in the Smokey Mountains Tennessee. It was a great day for me a couple years back finding all the bears, good think I had my long lens, you don’t want to get too close…

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Back to Cades Cove

So for today I thought I would post some more shots of last weeks trip to Cades Cove in Tennessee. I can’t wait to get back there but with school getting out soon and summer rapidly approaching this little slice of heaven will soon be inendated by tourists and enjoying the park will be non existent. To put it mildly it will just be too busy. But for now here are a few images of a nice and quiet Cades Cove..

First we have a nice tranquil water shot…

Here we have a mamma black bear and her yearling cub who was born in January of 2011. Not my best shots but then I was freehanding my long lens at max zoom..

I like this shot of a nice stream leading to one of the cantalever barns.

Just one of the many deer who live in the park, except on this day we saw only two deer..

And last but not least a nice landscape shot of one of the open fields and lots of mountains surrounding Cades Cove. I hope ya’ll enjoyed this quick tour..:-)

Skywatch Friday: Dreaming of Cades Cove

Snuggled in the Smokey Mountains is Cades Cove National Park, the most visited park in the U.S. and in a few short days when I get home I’m taking the folks for a field trip to this magestic place and I can’t wait! I konw my folks have been there a few times but I find something new everytime I go there, wether its wildflowers, birds or wildlife its never boring. There are also numerous old homesteads from the 1800’s with lots of cabins and barns to explore, its just a fun place to visit and a photographers dream. So here are some of my favorite pics from Cades Cove Tennessee, a couple of scenery shots, a martin and a cool wildflower, a jumping deer and for Chloe some cute cuddley black bear pics..:-)

Sunday Stills: The Best of 09′

This was real hard for me since I shoot thousands of pics throughout the year but I somehow managed to pic my 2 favorite shots, since I am primarily a nature photographer my first shot is of a Black Bear and her cub in Cades Cove Tennessee. I had been going there for a couple of years and never saw a bear, but on this day I saw at least 5 and I went into hyper mode with the camera. The second is my first serious Macro shoot on the Tellico River when I found this little clump of mushrooms and spent a couple of hours lying prone in the dirt and mud as I shot up close and personal with the shrooms. This sent me on a journey of macro photography that I love. So there you have it and here they are and here is to another year of up close and long range shooting..:-)

A Female Black Bear and her cub in Cades Cove National park taken in may 2009.

And my shrooms taken on the Tellico River in Tellico Plains Tennessee in September of 09′ my first serious macro shoot.
Have a great week…Ed

Cades Cove: Wildlife

After posting the church interior pic yesterday I decided to dedicate this week to Cades Cove national park near Townsend Tennessee. Today I’m highlighting some of the local animals that can be found in the cove. The most prevelant are the deer, they are everywhere! I have a ton of deer pics, some wandering,scratching,eating,jumping, and just plain having fun. There are Black Bears also I managed a couple of pics at a distance and it seems like everyone had better pics than me..Oh Well. The other thing I love to stalk and take pics of are birds and I’ve got pretty good at it. There were loads of turkeys both toms and hens, alot of Bluebirds and Eastern Meadowlarks, Red bellied woodpeckers, and Pilated woodpeckers and of course Crows were everywhere. I can’t wait for spring for my next trip and day long photorama.
Tomorrow I think I’ll do a scenery/landscape post then the buildings/cabins of the cove to finish off the week.