Ready for Some Zoo Pics?

I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday at the Columbus zoo and had a blast as usual. Now its back to the bump and grind of work till October.
I’m just going to throw up pics from top to bottom of my 2 files from the trip and I’ll try to keep it interesting. 🙂
First up are the Mexican Wolves.




Let me start this off by saying its been a really bad month for photography for me. Nothing worth photographing or I’m just not in the mood, not to mention the last 10 days has been a real bummer since I have had 4 major breakdowns on my truck and that alone has put me in a foul mood. But things can only get better right? Well today I’m in Atlanta for my 4th breakdown and I can’t even go out and look for pics because our Operation Centre is in a high crime part of Altlana which is redundant.
So until I get my photomojo back I’m doing a zoo week featuring the Dallas Zoo from July of 2006 which was my first zoo trip with a Nikon DSLR, a D50 to be precise, my first DSLR. I hope ya’ll enjoy.
I’ll be doing a couple random pics from that trip withno particular rhyme or reason. 🙂

dallas zoo entrance