Sunday Stills: Potluck

So for todays challenge I have three pics from this week from 3 different locations. Its been a really tiring week…

From Tuesday in Fredricksburgh Virginia I saw this high soaring Turkey vulture..


And who could not forget the snowstorm that hit central Virginia and shut me down for 14 hours on an onramp on Wednesday (see Thursdays post for more snow pics)

IMG_2099 And last we have this mornings sunrise from Alabama, from my truck…

DSC_7906 Have a great week…:-)

Skywatch Friday

Sunrise in south Texas near Lolita. I’m finally out of Texas and heading to Georgia and then hopefully home to Tennessee..I need some time off….:-)

And on a different note, GPS systems sometimes take you to undesirable locations. I was trying to get to my delivery point and the GPS had me turn onto this road in the middle of nowhere, luckily it took me back to a paved road eventually..

When I finally made it to my destination in Lolita Texas and while waiting to get unloaded I grabbed the camera for some palm pics and founf an interesting resident in the fronds

I hope everyone has a great weekend, see ya’ll for Sunday Stills..:-)