Sunday Stills: 100+

This weeks Sunday Stills challenge was a history challenge, anything 100 years or older. I chose a pic from the Chickamauga Battlefield. The canons are original 12 pounders made in the early 1860s and the Brotherton cabin was built in 1958.


Does this count? I took it last night in Missouri and its at least 100 years old. 😉


Lunar Tuesday

If I got any good eclipse pics last evening I’ll post them tomorrow, but here are a few I took back in 2008 during a lunar eclipse I got to see in Atlanta Georgia. The skies were full of city grime and there were whispy clouds but I managed a few decent pics. This year I will be somewhere in Pennsylvania and hopefully the skies will be nice and clear, but there will be a small problem this time, when I has home 2 weeks ago I left my long lens so I will have to make do with a 300mm lens, I did some test pics Monday night and while the detail is not great it should suffice.