Going too far…….

Look, I know they are rich and popular but this is branding gone too far. From kids underwear to tee shirts, from duct tape to flashlights, I’m sick of seeing these redneck douchbags faces on EVERYTHING! Wal-Mart is the biggest seller of this made in China crap, and yes 95% of all the products I found with their fecal logos on it was made in China and they claim to be all American….Yeah Right. SO a few days ago I was once again in a Wally World and found this. I’m not going to buy it to try it, I’d rather give away the money to a drug addict. The label does not even say the vineyard where it comes from, it just says made in California, I’m thinking the Boones Farm line of fine wines taste better, or maybe Mad Dog 20/20…..


Memories aka. Last of the Great Theaters

When I was growing up in Champaign/Urbana Illinois one of my favorite things to do was to go to the movies like most kids. There were 4 fantastic movie houses and one that was off limits to kids. Lets take a quick tour of my old movie haunts and some memories of famous movies I saw in them at a kid.
First off is the Cinema in downtown Urbana Illinois, to be honest I can’t remember seeing any great movies there except Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi in 1983.

yeah its snowing, I took the pics a couple of years ago, these days its an art gallery.
Next is my favorite movie theater and perhaps the oldest theater in Champaign Illionis, the Virginia theater! My best memory of this theater was waiting in line for hours in 1977 to see my alltime favorite movie…Star Wars!!! closely followed my my second favorite movie Jaws, there was nothing better than seeing both of these great movies on the big screen! Now the Virginia has been been renovated and will host the Roger Ebert film festival and will show some great classic movies the way they were intended to be seen.

Next is the RKO Orpheum theater, if the Virginia is not the oldest, then this one is definately the oldest. I remember seeing both the movies The Towering Inferno and Earthquake in this theater, it was the first time and possibly the only time they used “Sensorround” in the theater. This was a series of speakers in the wings of the theater that shook and has massive base, kind of silly now but back then it was very cool. Nowdays the Orpheum is a childrens museum, at least its still standing.

And last but not least is the Art theater, back in the 70’s this was the no-no theater where men in trench coats sneaked in to see the latest adult movies, I do remember seeing the sign for “Debbis does Dallas” on the marque. These days it is a true Art theater which shows limited release movies like the on in the pic..The Queen, which was a great movie.

There was one last theater that I went to but its long gone, torn down to make more student housing on the campus of the University of Illinois, the Co-Ed theaters, that was a bummer to see that one go. Well I hope everyone enjoyed this post and drop a comment if you have any memories of movie houses of days past….

Teatime Tuesday: A Touch of Cardamon

Honestly, I have no idea what cardamon is but it is great in this weeks tea choice. Harney&Sons has a very nice tea called Indian Spice and at first I thought it was a fancy Chai Spice tea but after trying it I noticed subtle differences like Chai has a distinct cinnamon taste where the Indian Spice has cinnamon but its not too overpowering and the cardamon appearantly adds a nice twist to this light tea. I tried it straight and then with some milk and that did the trick. I have to give it 3 cups out of 4..:-)
In other news I’m in the great state of Texas today delivering a load of containers and getting ready for one hot day, back into the mid 90’s a big change from Saturday when I was in Pennsylvania and the high was in the upper 60’s. I kope my next load goes straignt north to Minnesota, I need some cold weather to justify getting a new comforter for the truck..:-)

A Blight on our Landscape

I konw its supposed to be wordless wednesday but I just had to vent a bit today. Yessterday I saw the most disgusting sight I have ever seen and I realized it is a common occurance during the summer and needs to stop!!!! Yep, I’m talking about tanktops on people who should but wear them and you know who I’m talking about. I was in line today waiting for some bills for a load and there was this reek coming from behind me but I did’nt dare to turn around for fear of loosing my lunch. I calmly waited my turn as the smell of BO filled my nostrils and started to permeate my clothes. I signed my bills and turned around to come face to face with bigfoot in a tanktop, well more like littlefoot but still the hariest man I have ever seen with greasy black hair and literally fur coming out from every orafice and out from under the tanktop, it looked like he was wearing a sweater under the tanktop and it did’nt stop there. This guy had a healthy set of full c-cups barely hidden in that shirt, now don’t get me wrong I’m no adonis but at least I cover up my budding a-cups with a full t-shirt and don’t smell like the monkey section at a zoo. But I digress, it seems like there is alot of this going on and it needs to stop, even some women are guilty of this too as I have found out in wal-marts at 3 a.m. If you are going to wear tank tops at least wear matching bras, a white tanktop and neon pink bra does not look great and really, if you are wearing a tubetop, at least wear a strapless bra, I really don’t need to see your mammoth teets overflowing into the persons cart next to you, and don’t get me started on spandex, stop it!! So, in conclusion, I’ll keep my flab covered up and please the next time you see one of these freaks of nature overexposed for all the world to see have a small laugh and a smile on me.
* Disclaimer: I know, people who live in glass houses should dress in the basement..:-))

Teatime Tuesday : A waste of time…

Well its Tuesday morning and I’m sitting in Dennys in Beloit Illinois and trying to enjoy a cup of tea and realized floral tea is not my proverbial cup of tea. I tried the Harney and sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea and after two bags and 7 minutes of steeping it still tasted like jasmine flavored hot water, so I went back to my old standby Assam tea from Harrison and Crosfields. Hope ya’ll have a great week..:-)

Teatime Tuesday

Man, its brutally HOT! I’m in Des Moines Iowa and its 101 degrees, dare I say its too hot for hot tea? I know I’m whining but well, I HATE THE HEAT!!! I wish I could get a load to the north pole so I could cool off. Anyway, today we have something a bit different, Ice Tea and not your run of the mill convience store tea loaded with sugar but a low sugar organic tea with a kick. When I was in Illinois last week we went to an all organic grocery store and perused the overpriced foodstuffs that claim to be all organic and you pay for it. On the way out I noticed a display of Honest Teas and decided to pick up a few to try out and the Morrocan Mint I have to admit was fantastic, green tea with spearmint and some peppermint was just the trick and pure perfection. The next day I went back to stock up and they had just gone off sale and well, I was’nt paying 2.00 per bottle for it.. Oh well maybe next visit..:-))

My life in the last 96 hours

Well this will be a bit long to explain. Last friday I had a DOT (Department of Transportation) physical in Green Bay Wisconsin where I learned I have a high blood sugar content which negated my medical card which I need to drive, so I was stuck in GB and had to get home to Tennessee so I can hook up with a doctor and get my “Diabetes” in check so I can pass the DOT physical which I should be able to do in a couple of weeks..hopefully…things are gonna change pretty quick. Its not the end of the world, I have a doctors appointment on this coming friday and I have 2 weeks of paid vacation coming so I finally get to take one at the Ellis ranch and resort. ..Back to Green Bay.. After being notified by my company that I needed to get checked out I rented a car and Saturday morning drove the 844 miles home in about 14 hours with all my stuff from the truck in a very nice Toyota Camery which got amazing mileage, about 38mpg on the highway. Well I got home Saturday night and got setteled in Sunday morning for my extended home time which I’m looking forward to, to be honest I need a vacation. I spent today with my camera out back photographing birds and wildflowers, helped a bit planting Blackberry bushes and the new flowers for the folks english garden, friday I’ll get a couple of gnomes for the garden and price a gazing ball and stand ( mom really wants one of those). Well till I get back on the road I’ll keep busy taking pics and doing some running around with the folks, have some chinese and get some pics for the upcoming Sunday Stills. Oh yeah yesterday we went to a whole earth grocery store and I did pick up some interesting new teas…more on that later. I’ll leave ya’ll with my favorite pic from today, Cedar Waxwings, about 25 just in this pic alone, and we have the feeding frenzy in the holly tree and some of the boys grooming themselves in the sun..:-)

The Beginning to a Perfect Day

Well its Thursday and I thought it was Friday for some odd reason. I made it to Evansville Indiana this morning and dropped my trailer and went in search for a place to park and I think I found the center of my universe, within 200yards I have a wal-mart, a best buy, a michaels and a panera bread company..total nirvana. So first thing this morning was a quick stop at wally world then over to Panera for breakfast and let me tell ya the 4 cheese and egg souffle was fantastic and coupled with Chai spice black tea life could’nt get any better, till later on when I go to best buy and then to michaels to see about getting Stanley a new hair doo (more on that later). Did I mention the high for today here is going to be in the upper 60’s? After the last week of snow storms and single didget temps this will be great..:-) Hava great day…

Teatime Tuesday

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I found myself in Seymour Indiana with some time on my hands and two new teas to try. First was the Stash Pomogranite/Rasberry tea whick I found to be very good. You really could’nt taste the pom flavor but the rasberry had a nice kick and smelled great. The second was Ginger/Peach tea from Revoloution teas, not too bad but overpriced for tea. Its been 3 weeks without coffee and I don’t miss it a bit..:-)