Toilet Review Tuesday

Ever been traveling and had to go but the restroom was disgusting, well I’m going to start reviewing restrooms from across the southeast in an attempt to humor or disgust my followers and maybe down the line get some other folks to do their own reviews. So without further adoo here is the first review.
Todays victim is the Mobile gas station in Beech Island South Carolina. I was pleasantly suprised to find this particular restroon in great shape, not perfect but better than most.

So for this first review…
Not all bathrooms are this nice as you probably know, so if I find a particularly bad one watch out…:-)


As an avid nature photographer and lover of wildlife I find what is happening to the gulf coast to be disgusting! BP I hope you pay through the nose for what you have done and think all the BP executives should be taken out into the gulf and dumped in and made to swim to shore then wait in line behind all the wildlife to get cleaned, then taken back out again and keelhauled by all the fishermen and folks whose lives you have destroyed by your negligence then maybe we can start to forgive you.

These pics were grabbed from the internet, I did’nt take them and don’t know if I could even if givin’ the chance, it breaks my heart…

Meet the Bovines…

Last week during my visit at home I took some time to visit the bovines next door. I was going to just shoot some pics but instead I got right up to the fence and just sat in the grass and watched. Eventually they came right up to the fence to investigate the large biped watching them. The calves kept their distance but the older ones just walked right up and introduced themselves. It was pretty cool hearing them snuffle and munch the green grass only feet from me. It was pretty cool….

Cherry Tree Blooms and Bluebirds

First day home to Tennessee for a visit and the bluebirds are nesting and the cherry tree is in full bloom. Its good to be home for a few days and get to see the folks. We went to town yesterday for lunch and some shopping then stopped by their favorite place for some ice cream and I got my shots for Sunday Stills. Today is chorizo hash and cow poo day, figure that one out..;-)

See ya’ll tomorrow to Sunday Stills….

1,000,000 Miles

I was notified last Friday I have gone over 1 million safe miles. At first I thought thats alot of miles, but if it was’nt for a slight backing accident (no other vehicles were involved, just my dumb arse) I would have over 1.5million miles. Anyway, this is for consecutive miles without any accidents and its pretty cool. I started driving in July of 1995 after watching Smokey and the Bandit and well it just took off from there. It was also around this time I started playing with my old Vivitar 35mm film camera, and did’nt take off for another 10 years until I got my Nikon D50 DSLR and well we all know where that has led to. So here is to another 15 years of driving and photograghy. Here is a pic of my current truck I took back in 2006 when she was brand new…

And the WINNER is……

Janice at Own a Morgan, congats!!! Just send me your address and we’ll get it shipped off asap..:-)
This is the last giveaway for awhile till I get home and get some more prints done, the next batch will be newer pics and some faves from my past blogs..
Till then I’ll come up with some goofy stuff to fill in on Tuesdays.

My Photographers Bucket List…

I have to say the biggest thing on my bucket list was to get one of my pics on the cover of a magazine or Book and that happened a couple of years ago. So the mext 5 things are as follows.
5. Sucessfullly photograph a wedding, with no mistakes.
4. Buy a Nikon D3X. This is more like a pipedream..
3. Photogrsph the great pyramids in Cairo Egypt at sunset.
2. Photograph the Baloon festival in Albuquerque New Mexico.
1. Take a vacation to Belize or Costa Rica and spend 2 weeks in the jungle photographing everything I see, bugs, animals (SLOTHS!) Birds, and waterfalls..:-)))

This is the cover shot I did for Bridgett Jackson’s book The Children of the Sun.

Skywatch Friday

So yesterday I was sitting in Norwalk CT waiting for the powers to be to decide what to do with my trailer and it starts to snow, and snow,and snow, not alot but it came down for a few hours and was kinda pretty since I was behind a strip mall. This morning I’m in a rest area, its -2degrees below zero and the roads are like an ice skating rink, apparantly the state of New York is too busy on I-90 to worry about I-88, so here I sit between Rotterdam and Binghamton hoping when the sun comes up the snow will stop and the plows will get to work I can get moving to Ohio. Its all in a days adventure..:-)