Limestone Quarry

This is one of many limestone quarries in east Tennessee and part of the Ijams nature center just 5 miles from downtown Knoxville Tennessee. Stone from this area was used in such famous places at Grand Central Station in NYC and the Lions at the natural museum in NYC are made of Tennessee limestone as well as parts of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.

I’ve wanted to visit this place for years and last Monday I just did it, miles of nature trails and an annual sunflower bloom are just some of the cool things to do there, I’ll be busy for the next week introducing this place to ya’ll, its a little slice of heaven. 🙂






7 responses to “Limestone Quarry

  1. Looks to be a really cool place to visit. I laughed at the title of your posting because somehow the sounds of the words reminded of the title of a Glen Campbell song–you know which one I mean. 🙂

  2. Abandoned quarries have a surreal quality about them. A great deal of thunderous activity to produce beautiful buildings has ceased and only quiet remains. Along with quiet is a revealing slice of the earth showing a history of deep geologic time when strange creatures ruled the seas. Makes a great place to contemplate.

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