Flower Friday on a Saturday

The weather SUCKS! Luckily I have the brains to stay off the icy roads till later today, there are alot of people out there who think since they have 4 wheel drives they can drive in anything….WRONG! So. yesterday I waited out the weather below the snow/ice line in Alabama drinking tea and enjoying some soup and listened to the ice tick off of the roof of my truck. To cheer myself up I perused my portable hard drive for flower pics I have taken over the years and here a couple from Texas I took a few years back.. 🙂




4 responses to “Flower Friday on a Saturday

  1. Stay safe, Ed. The roads in my neighborhood are so bad that a couple of plows have gotten stuck already. Now the winds have kicked up and the plows have given up for the day. So we all just hunker down and wait out the storm, which has been dumping snow on us for about 24 hours already.

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